Friday, March 22, 2013

#MB Vs. Protesters : The Battle this time in Moktam !!

Tomorrow several opposition political powers and parties are planning to protest at the Muslim brotherhood headquarter in Moktam. It is an escalation move to protest what happened to the protesters at the HQ last Saturday. The protest should start at 2 PM.

The political powers and figures organizing the protest announced their demands :
  1. Removing the illegal Public Prosecutor from his position and appointing a new Public Prosecutor through a legal and transparent procedure and investigating properly in all former cases.
  2. Resignation of the failing government and appointing a national salvation government chosen by national forces that represents all the Egyptians.
  3. Discontinuing the use of the illegal constitution that was tailored by MB and in coordination with one political party, regardless of the demands and rights of all national political groups and civil societies. This would be done through a legitimate constituent assembly; since the former assembly does not have the capacity to draft a constitution for a post revolutionary nation; in the mean time we would be using the revised Constitution of 1971 (through the March 19, 2011 referendum) temporarily, and the formation of the Constituent Assembly that includes genuine national constitutional law experts and representatives of trade unions, political parties and various community groups equally. The new constitution would pass by referendum and must win 50% votes plus one from the voters enrolled in the electoral tables so that there is a legitimate pass of a constitution for Egypt.
  4. Dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood by force of law or be subject to current law of associations 84 for year 2002
  5. Claim CAA to start the process of legalization of the Muslim Brotherhood group to announce their sources of funding in the current and previous press conference within two months maximum and refer any violation of the law to the new Public Prosecutor.
  6. The call for the new presidential elections in September 2013 under the supervision and management of full international control, from the United Nations and international organizations.
  7. The formation of an independent committee composed of technical and logistic experts, to revise the national ID database to ensure the integrity of any future election process in Egypt.
Now who is going to participate in this protest ? Who are the political figures and what are the political powers behind it !? Well here is a quick glimpse of who will head to the MB HQ tomorrow from the big names : George Ishak, Alaa Al Aswani, Nawara Negm, Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim, Youssef El Hussieny, Dina Abdel Fattah, Zeyad El Eliemy, Bassel Adel, Bassem Kamal, Mostafa El Gendy , Alaa Abdel Fatah
From the parties participating in the protest : Free Egyptians and El Karama Party. April 6 Youth “Ahmed Maher Front” announced that it is going to participate too. It is worth to mention that Liberal Misr El Hurreya Party announced that it will not participate in the protest.
Of course the MB will not stand still in front of this. Its secretary general Mahmoud Hussein said today in the MB unsuccessful presser that the MB has right to defend its properties if the police do not defend it.
As expected the MB has mobilized its members to its headquarter since afternoon.
The MB members at HQ from afternoon "By Ahmed Amin"
“Misr 25” Official MB TV channel is claiming that there are 5000 MB members now at the HQ celebrating the legalization of the Muslim brotherhood as NGO !!
later they were chanting their slogans by Ashraf Mahdy
I do not feel that good from what is going to happen tomorrow especially that the MB Harlem Shake star and the leading figure in 5 December Presidential Palace battle Ahmed El Mogheer has declared on his Facebook page the great Jihad for the Muslim brotherhood tomorrow in defending the holy MB HQ claiming that those will die defending it from MB will go heavens while those terrorists who will attack it will go to hell !! He also admits that there are directives to the MB members to protect the HQ and that all 100% of the youth listened to these directives.
The MB members indeed are bragging online that they are ready to kill who comes to their holy HQ. Here is a reply dear Haitham El Tabei , the AFP journalist got just for giving directions for the journalists tomorrow on how to escape in case of clashes from Moktam area.
Tweep @abd_allahh
You are explaining the escape plan !?? No worries there is no escape as the rule is simply “who ascends to Moktam hill will ascend to heavens as the angel of death revises his papers and the MB youth are assisting him !!
From their side the residents of Moktam themselves can not take it anymore and are collecting signatures for petition so the Muslim brotherhood leave the area. Shops and banks in the area have closed and installed wood surfaces to protect their windows. NSGB emptied its ATM.
By Haitham Tabei


  1. good article! thx!

    small comment

    The new constitution would pass by referendum and must win 50% votes plus one from the voters enrolled in the electoral tables so that there is a legitimate pass of a constitution for Egypt.

    shdnt the vote pass by 66%
    isnt that an other theory?

  2. A bunch of thugs, running about like headless chickens, serving decadent and degraded ElBaradei, Amr Moussa and other old fossils who are salivating at the chance to grab power.

    1. In your opinion they must be thugs because they want to reform the judicial and legal system so that you are not tortured to death without charges and then thrown to the street, then claim u were hit by car, Not to forget that Elbaradei had the opportunity to get any top position if he appeased Mubarak, a strange move for a power grabbing thug.

    2. My apology, after watching the pictures, I take back my previous comment. They are thugs.

    3. I did not say ElBaradei or any other leader is a thug, I said that those who are taking to the streets in their names have been indulging in thuggish behaviour for the last 6 months.

      You want the President to reform the Judicial system and the Interior Ministry, yet when he replaces Prosecutors and Police commanders you people cry wolf ? Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

      Btw reforming the "system" is not that easy, we cannot reform the system, rather we should Islamize the system it so as to make it more humane, because Islam is intrinsically humane. When people fear God in every step of their lives, they become more humane. We should try to emulate Prophet Mohammed (saw), he is our role model, not Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, Bentham, Lenin, Mao, Nasser, or Sadat for that matter. Mohammed (saw)was a very just man.

  3. 6. "The call for the new presidential elections in September 2013 under the supervision and management of full international control, from the United Nations and international organizations. "


    The Presidential elections will be held when the Presidential Term is completed. The last democratic and legitimate election happened in 2012. The President has a mandate as well as a OBLIGATION to complete his term. Those who want a new election should pass a Impeachment Motion in the Parliament and see if they can get it passed. Otherwise these naive demands will be met with the contempt that they deserve. It is apparent that the the NSF is hungry for the Presidential Palace and nothing more. The young thugs in the streets are dying in vain for these megalomaniacs.

  4. Vandals, destroying the country through these useless violent actions, not giving a chance to the democratically elected Government to fulfill its mandate.

    If you have read Wikileaks, you will know that even Field Marshal Tantawi was in favour of allowing democratically elected Hamas Govt. in Gaza to complete its term and allow it to do its job rather than removing it by force. Why ? Because the Government is chosen by the people.

    What these folks are doing is not activism according to any modern standards. It is just narrow-minded obstructionism.

  5. bloody sick to death now with all these opposition thugs and their damned protests!!
    A curse on them!!!

  6. Zeinoubia, You make your self look silly in reporting this as if it is an exciting adventure. A brave bunch of freedom fighters aspiring to stand up to the evil emperor. The press are showing their true colours in not only reporting the thugs as heroes but also acting like thugs themselves even engaging on provocation and violence to get a story.

    There is no argument that this is in defence of any democratic principles and even if one made that argument the ends do not justify the means. Your jingoistic attitude will almost certainly contribute (in a small way) to deaths tomorrow. Some people will probably die! do you realise this. Egged on by the media and diehards of the old regime and radical atheists who want to see the country burn.

    Grow up!

    1. Wow, did you just accuse Zeinobia of contributing to possible deaths?

      And she's silly???

  7. Thanks Latifa and well said, the role that private media is playing in Egypt nowadays is heinous, that should not be surprising though, as 95 % of private media in Egypt is owned by Oligarchs from Mubarak and Sadat era liberalisation, and other elements beholden to the West, UAE, and Israel who cannot bear to see a Muslim President elected by the Muslim people of Egypt succeeding in governing Egypt. They are trying to obstruct the Government in every step and every arena, these old rotten rags from the Old Regime and pseudo-liberal oligarchs and "intellectuals".

    To Anon 1 - Well said, maybe Baradei and Co. should be given some tasty Ice Creams to lick on so as to stop their salivating for power and the President's chair.

    1. Did you forget MB's and Morsi's greed for power???? And doesn't it make sense that now Morsi is screwing up the opposition wants to have a bigger position??

  8. It's so sad to see all the previous comments in which the opposition is being labelled as a bunch of thugs... Morsi and his MB (yes he still is like a puppet of the MB) are already ruining the country (oh wait did I say Morsi and MB I must be confusing them with the thugs who are helping Egypt down the drain right!?????) ... Can you imagine what would happen if we just stay at home and accept what our leader, our president, our hope for a better future is doing to our country????

    Morsi is responsible for Egypt. Morsi is responsible for not fixing her problems and making a bigger mess of the mess.

    And therefore he needs a mirror. This mirror is the opposition. Soooooo valuable to a country for God sake!!!!

    So please stop cursing at the opposition. And if you continue cursing, please tell me what Morsi and the government are doing sooooo well that the opposition has to be quiet??


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