Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#MOI thinks that video is offensive !!

Egyptian Vlogger Ahmed Anwar found out today that the ministry of interior “MOI” is suing him for offending the Egyptian police because of a video he uploaded. He also found out that there is an order for his arrest on 17 March 2013. His case number is 4502 for year 2012.

Here is the video which the MOI believes that is offensive.

Anwar : Ministry of belly dancers formally known as ministry of interior

The video is dated to March 2012 where Anwar criticized sarcastically how the ministry of interior and “ The Wives of police officers” association decided to honor out of blue Lebanese singer and actress Marwa for her role in raising the morale of police force !!!

Anwar said in the video that that was the ministry of interior but rather the ministry of belly dancers. The video is hilarious actually !!

Marwa is a D-List actress/singer who is known for steamy films and songs. She appeared naked in one of her cult films last year ironically before being honored by MB

You know I think nobody offended the Egyptian police like the ministry of interior itself with all its wrong policies and violations ..etc. Nobody offended the Egyptian police except those police officers who decided to honor D-List actress in the first place.

It is joke considering the endless video clips we have got for the Egyptian police from torture and abuse to humans recorded even live and yet no one is considering these videos as offensive from the ministry !!

The video is not offensive as much the behavior of the MOI that tortures systematically the activists like Mohamd El Gendy and abuses hundreds of minors in custody !!

By the way this is not the first time we found out that there are activists , journalists and bloggers being sued without being informed

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  1. Very funny and well done!
    Egyptians have broken the fear taboo police and MOI has instilled in them over the past 65 years and there is no way that things will go back to the way it was.


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