Friday, March 29, 2013

Torture in the house of God !!

Now I wonder what the prosecution office will do concerning this disturbing accusation supported by testimonies and hard evidence.  
The Muslim brotherhood is accused of torturing other Egyptian citizens in the house of God , in Belal Ibn Rabah Mosque in Mokattam during the clashes last Friday. Here is a video made by Mosireen translated to English “I think it is working now on the blog” showing the victims speaking on what happened to them.
Those who were tortured there were mainly from the earthquake houses area near Mokattam. The earthquake houses area is a lower working class area. The victims were Muslims and Christians from the people there. Of course the MB is insisting that they are hired thugs based on how they look and so on ignoring the facts that we are dealing with an area surrounded by Cairo’s infamous slums and shanty towns suffering from extreme poverty. 
The MB does not want to recognize that the next wave in the revolution will be the hunger uprising from these areas who are fed from the castles in the air. For years actually observers and analysts during the Mubarak era expected that the revolution in Egypt would be a hunger one and not a political middle class one like 25 January revolution for God sake.
Here is another testimony from Ramy El Kholy about the torture inside the complex that he witnessed himself at the ceremonies hall last Friday 
El Kholy said that he witnessed not less than 15 men in their underwear being tortured and whipped to the level that most of them are unconscious. 

Ahmed Ragab, the journalist also wrote a very sad unbiased testimony and how he and other journalists witnessed extreme violence and brutality against the protesters at the mosque.
Both El Kholy and Ragab recorded in their testimonies what they witnessed fairly and before you speak they mentioned the violations and inhuman beating from the protesters' side too.
If you do not want to believe those people because they look thugs in your eyes then I urge you to red what the administration of Belal Ibn Rabah Mosque and Community service complex said in its statement. This statement was published from couple of days ago. You can see it after the break.

The administration board of Belal Ibn Rabah announces its full denouncement to what happened on Friday “22/3/2013” inside the mosque’s hall and the ceremonies hall after they were stormed by groups affiliated to religious trends “Islamists” after the Friday prayers and their complete control on the mosque and its facilities.
Belal Ibn Rabah community center was founded by the residents of Mokattam and their complete support to the center is the reason of its success. It is not funded by any party or group.
Thus we are very sorry to the people of Mokattam for what happened despite we did not lost control on that day thanks to the use of violence.
The administration announces its rejection and denouncement for the actions of violence and thuggery as well using mosques in the political conflicts.
The administration has filed a report about happened in Mokattam Police station and the report no. is “2787” on 23/3/2013 and it has been referred to the prosecution office on 25/3/2012
Now according to the administration of the community center and Mosque after the Friday prayer flocks of the MB members from other governorates occupied the mosque and took control of the whole complex.
The complex found itself under fire when the families of the tortured from the popular areas came angrily demanding an explanation. It was worth to mention that the complex and the mosque are regarded from the five star mosque where TV preachers go and give lessons and so on.
The MB is claiming to have high morals and that the protesters were the bad guys in last Friday’s clashes. Well I have got bad news to the MB , both the MB members and the protesters were the bad guys. I do not know how they justify the use of House of God in such thing. This is another sign of their downfall. Yes downfall because when I read history , I think how the downfall of mighty groups claiming righteousness start.
By the way the MB members detained in the Mosque  at El Nafoora square were not touched till they were released by the security forces. In fact according to Nawara Negm a Egyptian Christian protester urged the other protesters to leave those MB members in the mosque and not to touch them because this is the house of God.


  1. This is the beginning of the downfall of Morsi and the MB's regime...Their days are numbered and it's only a matter of WHEN???There is no IF!!!

  2. Just look at these guys in the video. All of them look like thugs, with tattoos and some of them are clearly drug addicts. Most of them are unemployed. None of them can even speak properly.

    Also this is NO evidence. Not at all. Not until you can get an actual video of the actual beatings inside the Mosque. This video can be easily staged by dark elements of NDP and Zionists. Israel is angry at Morsi for taking a stand on Gaza and Israel sees Morsi and MB as a strategic threat. Hence for the last 6 months they are trying very energetically with a group of cooperative Egyptians to cause havoc and chaos.

    1. How brave of you to anonymously slander the torture victims.

      It is compelling and damning evidence and the victims' testimony would certainly be admissible in any sane court. You lying MB filth don't get to decide what constitutes evidence. Torture usually isn't recorded on video for obvious reasons.

      @Zeinobia, this was a good report.

    2. >This video can be easily staged by dark elements of NDP and Zionists.

      So you tell us if one of those victims were your brothers would you be saying the same? and what reason do they have to claim that they were tortured in the mosque you tell us and you better have a good reason

      So you tell us how did el-sahayinna do that? and you better have a good answer

      But again followers of el-ikhwan must blame someone else and who is easier to blame than el-yahood wa el-CIA when they can only blame themselves

      Like I always say ikhwangiyya like you have to examine the desert within


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