Friday, March 29, 2013

No wonder how police treats people so bad in #Egypt

These horrifying images were posted today in a Facebook Page from Suez that covers the governorate’s news and events.
Executing dogs in Suez
Police and the Veterinary department in Suez started a campaign to get rid from stray dogs in some area. As you can see they executed the dogs in this inhuman way “Shooting them” and piled them in some truck thinking that it is a big achievement.
First of all what kind of veterinary department is that in Suez that does not know the merciful methods to execute wild sick animals like that !??
Second of all no wonder police treats people like that when the policemen do not have any feelings towards God’s creature.
Third here is an official fatwa from 2003 prohibiting the torture of animals and executing them cruelly but rather to use merciful and scientific modern methods.

The copy of the fatwa
The fatwa uses an example from Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” Life and how the prophet saw a donkey with tortured by someone and told his companions that whoever tortured that animal will be cursed. “You do not torture it or you hit it” Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”
That fatwa shared by animals rights activists Dina Zulfikar on Facebook was signed by Sheikh Mohamed Abbas and late Sheikh Emad Effat. {May Allah bless his soul} “Yes the Emad Effat , you can not imagine how I felt when I found his name on that fatwa”
Do you know you that annually the Egyptian government spends more than LE 30 million to get rid from the stray dogs through poison and birdshots !? Do you know that they are ignoring an economic solution that will save a lot of money which is animal sterilization !?
This is not luxury , this is basic thing for real.


  1. Important post, Zeinobia, these people have lost their way. These are sins against the Kingdom of God. I hope these people will realize this and seek forgiveness.

    God bless you for bringing this to light.

  2. and how exactly is Egypt first going to afford these operations, second would you volunteer to round up these wild dogs zenobia? would you put your name on a list to go out and capture the wild dogs and bring them in for sterlization and stand there holding them while they try to anaesthetise them? of course you have had your anti rabies shots so you would have no fear if you are bitten by the wild dogs as you try to hold them down!!

    Dumbest thing I have read this morning!! Grrrr

  3. sometimes I really despair!! :(
    these are WILD DOGS!
    You want to sterlise them???? and how much does one operation cost? what about rehab after the operation? are you going to host them in your house all these desert wild dogs by the millions and give them their medications? of course you cannot just stop at sterlisation can you so the fatwa would also have to include feeding them while they recover because you can't just sterilise them and put them back out into the street and then you'd have to flea and worm them too so add that to the fatwa. Yearly check ups should be added to the fatwa if you are going to be totally humane.
    Who exactly is going to pay all these vets for all the millions of dogs and who is going to pay for all the costs because one sterlisation costs around 500 LE.
    What if the vet finds 50% of the dogs have cancer or other diseases? Did you think of that Zeinobia? The fatwa should cover the animal like a comprehensive insurance policy for Medicare so you can't just sterlise them if they need cancer treatment so who pays for that?
    Zeinobia I would love to hear your suggestions.
    Is a bullet in the head more practicable or not when you really study the issue? Sensible and logically that is.

  4. It's called culling. A bit like what the AIPAC led Zionist Americans are doing to the Muslims around the world. Maybe the focus and fatwas should be more on that issue than the wild dogs.

  5. Dahab and Nuweiba are almost dog and cat free. Here they use strychnine causing horrible deaths, incredible pain for hours. The cadavers rotted in the streets until someone annoyed by the smell, collected them. Above that many pet owners have lost a lovely companion, whom they invested in not only emotionally but also financially. No prior warning, just kill what annoys you.
    For the sake of sheeps and tourists, so they say. Welcome tourists!

  6. one word

  7. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. - Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Statesman and Philosopher)


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