Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vote For #Heba and #Malala in #Time Poll

The Time 2013 Poll is here and it is time to choose the Time 100 List. Now I here are my recommendations.

Go and vote for Malala Yousafzi and Heba  Morayef , especially for Heba Morayef. Now all of you or most of you have heard about Malala but I think  you have not heard about Heba Morayef as you should. Heba is the Human rights watch’s Egypt Director. She has been from the famous faces in the Egyptian revolution.

You can see her speaking to Reuters about the Role of women in the Egyptian revolution.

Heba speaks about the role of Egyptian women in the revolution

Heba’s next battle or actually current battle now is the new NGOs law supported by the FJP.

By the way Mohamed Morsi is also nominated in the list. I know that the MB will organize an attack on this page to support him like last year !!

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