Thursday, March 28, 2013

And @Alaa goes to Criminal Court Either ways !!!

It seems that the prosecutor general is insisting to refer Alaa Abdel Fatah to the criminal court after all. Today we were surprised to find that Alaa Abdel Fatah and another 12 activists including his sister Mona Seif are referred to criminal court for attacking Ahmed Shafik's headquarter in Dokki in May 2012. Do You remember this case !???
By the way I slept early last night especially internet speed was killing me and I did not know about this except when I woke up
Ironically since early morning Shafik campaign and its members above them its former spokesperson Ahmed Serhan are saying that they withdrew their complaint and accusation against the activists since May 2012 before the elections !!
Ahmed Serhan : Our Legal Consultant Yahia Kadry withdrew our complaint and accusation in front an official report at Dokki police station and Dokki prosecution Here is a video from Shafik's campaign during then where the former presidential candidate declared that he withdrew his complaint and accusation to the activists.

In fact here is Shafik himself speaking about the matter
Ahmed Shafik : We will not be a tool to hit back the Egyptian rebels , I will not allow the Muslim brotherhood to use my name in their fight with youth making up cases from complaints I have already withdrew
Ahmed Shafik : I was surprised to find activists Alaa Abdel Fatah and Mona Seif are referred to criminal court for torching my campaign HQ despite I announced then I withdrew these complaints. I swear to God this is surreal !!

It seems to me that it is a pathetic move from the prosecutor general to appear independent  from the MB's power ,he is referring activists to the criminal court because  a case related to Ahmed Shafik !! This is so pathetic !!

Updated : 

It turns out that even with what Shafik had done , Mona and Alaa are going to be referred to the criminal court because according to the law this is a felony involves the society and not an individual right so even if the individual "Shafik" gives up his civil right , the society represented by the prosecution will continue in the case !! 

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