Saturday, March 30, 2013

After #Jordan and #Gulf , Syrian brides mania reaches to #Egypt

The disgusting phenomena spread in the Arab countries like Jordan and the Gulf reached to Egypt and poor Syrian women are being abused and offered for marriage for those interested in taking advantage of these ladies. 
Yes sadly enough it reached in Egypt. In a press statement issued by the National Council of Women on Thursday that it sent two letters to the ministers of interior and justice in Egypt demanding them to stop the marriages of Egyptian men from Syrian women refugees taking advantage from their suffering. The statement of NCW says that Women NGO in Europe called “The international federation of Women” presented a memo to president Morsi regarding this matter. According to this matter not less than 12,000 of marriage cases between Syrian women and Egyptian men in one year only. The memo also spoke about these marriages are spreading in Cairo “New Cairo and 10th of Ramadan Cities” , Giza “October” , Alexandria , Gharbia , Mansoura and Qena.
Professionally speaking the statement did not mention the source of that number “12,000” and whether we are speaking about an official registration number. There should be more investigation regarding the number.
We began to hear more about this sad thing in Egypt officially in January 2013 when the NCW began to react to the reports regarding how some NGOs use the Syrian women and girls’ need and force them in marriage in the most disgusting way.
In the same month the National Council for women in Egypt launched a hotline for Syrian women to receive their complaints if they are forced in to marriages. The initiative is good but I highly doubt that the Syrian women in need and are forced in to marriage will know about this hotline at all !! Unfortunately I did not follow up this topic because as you know since last 25 January 2013 we are having our struggle in Egypt’s political arena.
 Of course not all these marriages are forced , underage where Egyptian men are using Syrian women’s needs for stability. Some of these marriages are actually not officially registered as Egyptian men use the ignorance of Syrians with our laws which means there are no rights for these girls. The dowry of these marriages can go as low as LE 500 and in best times up to LE 3000 but without any further rights or anything. The marriage in some cases do not continue for some long and the Syrian bride finds herself the third or the fourth wife for pleasure with no rights at all.
Unfortunately due to poverty and suffering some Syrian families accept that sot of marriage.
What is more shocking is that you find that some of those NGOs “Islamist” helping the Syrian refugees and families in Egypt are organizing these marriages or rather auctions. For months I have heard rumors and claim as well about certain famous mosques and Islamist NGOs in October and Nasr City. I will not mention here names without proof but I have heard sick stories for real.
The Islamist NGOs are not involved only but if you dig a little deeper you will find Salafists and Salafist parties like El Fadila allegedly appearing in your face. Of course when you speak to them officially they will deny doing this. Not to mention you got these so-called “marriage companies”  claiming to have Syrian brides besides their wide selection of religious committed girls, widows and divorced brides !!!!!
Ironically earlier today someone on Facebook from Damanhur shared a flyer he got during the Friday mosque from a “marriage company” announcing the availability of Syrian brides besides Veiled brides. " I hided the telephone numbers and address"
"Smile company" for Marriage !!
Last week already a friend of mine found an ad in the Yellow pages about another marriage company announcing the “Syrian brides are wanted for businessmen and engineers on the condition that they are not older than 30 years !!”.{Thanks to dear Loai Nagati who noticed this ad and spoke about it online}
I removed the name of the company and its telephone
What is more sick you hear details about catalogues for girls and women for small subscription. I am ashamed of these men and those people to be honest. I am ashamed and angry.
Of course the Salafists and Islamists in general believe that they are protecting their poor sisters including widows who can not work in foreign country in very corrupted times..etc.  It is just disgusting. Already I wonder why they did not care about their sisters in Darfur or Mali or Burma or Somalia or they only care for light skinned sisters !! 
I apologize on behalf of millions of Egyptians disapprove this act, yes there are millions who refuse these actions in Egypt


  1. what is needed after that tirade is another post where you have interviewed a few hundred of these brides to hear what they have to say for balance

  2. "I apologize on behalf of millions of Egyptians disapprove this act"

    Please do apologize on behalf of all Egyptians for the monster called Gamal Abdel Nasser, who forcefully annexed Syria in 1958, changed the name of both Syria and Egypt to "UAR" so that for the first time in 8000 years both the names of Syria and Egypt were wiped off the map,the same Nasser who installed these Baathists in 1963 on Syria, who gave birth to all this crap - Rape, Mass Murder, a Torture State, Soviet style mass surveillance of citizens, etc.

    Egypt owes all the "Arab" World an apology, for the crap they started in 1952.

  3. I agree with Anoymous about GAN

    He was a stupid man.

    Nothing wrong with marrying Syrians.

  4. That's like asking Germans to apologize for Hitler, Greeks for Alexander, Rome for Nero, you nitwit.


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