Saturday, March 30, 2013

Breaking : Talaat Abdullah issues an arrest warrant for Bassem Youssef !!

This is unbelievable !!
Talaat Abdullah, the appointed prosecutor general “who is currently in legal limbo” has issued an arrest Bassem Youssef , oh yes  for Bassem Youssef.
warrant for
TV host Bassem Youssef is officially accused of insulting both the President and Islam !!!
Accordingly 14 citizens filed a complaint against Youssef accusing him of insulting president Morsi and affecting his image internationally !! Youssef is also accused of mocking and insulting Islam by making fun from praying “!!” and Islamic Scholars !! Among those 14 model citizens you will find the name of lawyer Ashraf Nagi, a member of the Pro- MB “Lawyers of Egypt Union
I do not know if this complaint is the one presented against Bassem last December.
Bassem commented with that short tweet that I can not translate in English because it will lose its meaning. In nutshell he is making fun from the arrest warrant.
This is new escalation after the arrest warrants issued for the activists.

Updated :

Bassem Youssef  announced that will head to the prosecutor general office tomorrow
Amazingly Bassem was not summoned for a hearing at the Prosecution office according to the law.

Bassem Youssef is facing these charges according to Islamist Pro-MB FB Pages :
  1.  Insulting Islam "Blasphemy"
  2. Insulting more than 27 Sheikhs
  3. Inciting sectarianism between Muslims and Christians  
  4. Insulting the president and his family 
  5. Saying explicit sexual words that harm the Egyptian family publicly !! "The TV show is +18 " 
I will not comment 


  1. If anyone is interested, here's a picture from the New York Daily News of a Tunisian protestor, Amina Tyler, who wrote on her bare chest in Arabic "My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone's honor" in a protest of some sort. I guess it's somewhat NSFW, but the nipples are blurred out. Amina is part of a group called Femen that wants "a new, genuine Arab Spring, after which true freedom, freedom without mullahs and caliphs, will come to Tunisia". Good luck with that, Femen.

  2. Good. People always try to compare Bassem Youssef to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. But the difference is that Jon Stewart makes fun of everyone regardless of their party or beliefs, and Bassem Youssef makes fun of only a certain group of people. He had an agenda and was meant to promote the felool ideology of cbc. Ever since he became famous after his youtube videos during the revolution, he's been a sell-out to whoever pays him the most. But he's good looking and witty and charming, so everyone loves him and is willing to ignore the fact that he never criticizes anyone but Islamists on his show. And if you criticize Bassem Yousef, people will automatically call you Ikhwan and say you don't believe in freedom if speech- as I'm sure the next comments will say

    1. Do you watch the show every week !!? May be if you do watch , you will know that he made fun of everyone including the NSF.
      Anyhow the Islamists actually deserve to be criticized with their shameful channels spreading lies and hate and do not even get me start sharing the dirty laundry of Hafez channel in front of the whole world.

    2. "Jon Stewart makes fun of everyone regardless of their party"

      err... No.

    3. Jon Stewart, as well as many satirist/comics in US has political bias. It's common and accepted.

      Republicans are often easy target.

    4. You are clearly biased. The debate on whether Islamists "deserve" to be "criticized" or not is totally subjective, not at all objective.

      Bassem Youssef should be deported to UAE from where he draws his salary.

    5. > The debate on whether Islamists "deserve" to be "criticized" or not is totally subjective, not at all objective.

      And why is that?

      >Bassem Youssef should be deported to UAE from where he draws his salary.

      Sure and the insane, bigoted, despicable, poorly educated and disgusting shiokh that you can find on the religious channels and are paid by the despicable wahhabis can pack and move to Saudi Arabia and good riddance deal?

  3. Shame on Morsi and shame on el-ikhwangiyya. Bassem Youssef is doing his job and he is really good at it and if Morsi and his likes have thin skins then politics is not for them and they can pack and go and good riddance

  4. There is nothing called a bad publicity. The prosecutor general is doing for Bassem Youssef more than any producer or ad agency could have produced for him. Bassem's name, program and daily arrest news is allover the world. The dumb prosecutor, or whoever directed him, is in a loose-loose situation.

    After this political witch hunt is over, I don't rule out the possibility that (El Bernameg) will be syndicated internationally. Bassem couldn't have planned better.

  5. Forget about Bassem. In any judicial system, Is it legal to arrest anyone and then release them on bond just by filing a complaint? or there has to be a thorough and complete investigation and then charges filed by a district attorney prior to an arrest?
    Sadly I think our legal system is flowed if it allows practice.


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