Sunday, April 21, 2013

And God will be the Judge

Minister Ahmed Mekki has resigned from position as minister of justice in Egypt today as we have known. According to news reports he resigned on Saturday.
Here is what Mekki had said in his resignation."Thanks to dear Friend Bassem Sabry who published it on AOE"

Your Excellency Dr. Mohammed Morsi,

The President of The Arab Republic Of Egypt,

Warm greetings and respect,

Since you assigned me to take over the burden of the Ministry of Justice, the opposition has been
The resignation "Judge Abo Shosha"
urging me to resign in conformance with my previous positions.

And yesterday, under the slogan of "cleansing the judiciary" and the legislation for a new Judicial Authority Law, your supporters have united around the demand of my dismissal to achieve their noble goals. And thus, consensus has been achieved.

And therefore, the time has come to grant my wish that my shoulders are relieved of this burden, and I appeal to you that you respond accordingly as soon as you read this letter.

May God save you and save Egypt for your supporters and your opposition, and may God save you from both of them.

The Minister of Justice,

Councillor Ahmed Mekki

The man did not resign because he lied in a case like the case of Mohamed El Guindy , he did not resign because he misled public opinion. He only resigned because the president's supporters from Islamists protested against him demanding his dismissal on Friday. 

Ahmed Mekki and his brother Mahmoud Mekki erased a huge history with what happened in the past months. We will stand and ask ourselves how they changed like that from defenders of judiciary reform and independence to defenders of a regime that is not different from Mubarak's regime in its wants to control all powers and authorities in Egypt. Judge Mekki has resigned and his allies from Islamists are extremely happy that he has gone.
Ahmed El Mogheer {MB youth leading figure} on FB about Mekki
 "We are not sorry for you "

Judge Mekki has resigned and his once allies during the battle of judiciary independence in 2005 are also happy that he got what he deserved from Islamist allies : A stab in the back.
Sorry Judge Mekki , history will not be the only judge but God will be the ultimate judge of your actions.


  1. He defended Morsi because he knew the judges and the opposition are working to make his presidency fail and that they care more about making the Ikhwan look bad than they do about Egypt. Mekky knew that his reputation would take a hit and that people would hate him, but he did what he thought was right in order to defend the revolution and the country. That's what makes him a true patriot- he cared more about Masr than his own reputation. Zeinobia, do you never ask yourself why such a prominent and respected judge would stand by Morsi like that? It's because he knew the truth about the opposition and understood that Morsi had to make unpopular decisions that would turn people against him but ultimately would be in everyone's interest. Like you said, God and history will be the judges. Soon, everyone will see the extent of the corruption in the judiciary. You've been blind in your hatred of Morsi since the constitutional declaration in November- but he needed to do it in order to prevent economic chaos resulting from further political instability and he knew that the pullouts frim the committee were motivated by members knowing that the court was going to dissolve the committee anyway so why not score political pointa by quitting it and looking like heroes against Morsi! As a result, you've been skeptical of anyone who defends or works with Morsi and you don't ask youself why they think it's in Egypt's interest to help Morsi. Do you really think a judge like Ahmed Mekky who wasn't afraid to oppose Mubarak's regime would suddenly succomb to the Ikhwan?!? He was in the judiciary and know its reality and how badly it needs to be reformed and what the judges are doing to ruin any attempts at development so that the MB fails and the opposition will win in elections- an opposition that will not ever talk about their corruption or think about trying them and putting them in jail. In a few years, everyone will see how noble and patriotic Ahmed Mekky was for putting Egypt before himself...hopefully while he is still alive iA

    1. Completely agree and it is saddening and very worrying to see so many Egyptians who have been blinded by hatred of MB not being able to see the destruction of Egypt through their hatred. Egyptians are not thinking long term. They never do. It's all about the here and now and quit result or quick profit. They never see the long term in anything. Me me me is what it is all about. Hatred and stupidity and as they say cutting the ears off to spite the face.

  2. i dont know if u speak arabic or not but let me speak with u in arabic

    المستشار المحترم أحمد مكي لم يعارضه الاسلاميين فقط و لكن الليبراليون أيضا عارضوه و وقفوا ضده كما انه لم يقل أن بسبب الاسلاميون أقدم استقالتي و لكنه قالبسبب أن الليبراليون وقفوا ضده في أول الأمر و الأن الاسلاميون إذن حدث وفاق بين الاسلاميين و الليبراليين في مطلب إقالته

    في نهاية الحديث أود أن أقول أني أحترم الأخوين أحمد مكي و محمود مكي
    و أود ايضا أن أجذب انتباهك إلى أن مصر تمر بمرحلة عصيبة جدا أعدائها كثر في الداخل و الخارج فيجب أن تتحد الأمة من أجل مصر و ليس لمصالح شخصية

    و الله المستعان

  3. the bearded berks.4/22/2013 07:51:00 PM

    The highly decorated Uniforms puppets ,the bearded and the transatlantics are in a big conspiracy to undermine a nation,and support the brotherhood.
    Once again, the old story of the envious wretched lower-middle classes up for a fight(so they think,it is suicide that they up for), where at their usage are available all kinds of self excuse for the envy turned blind. The problem that it is directed against people of their own creed , and those with fewer bread and butter. And i expect to be believed? .THey are ghosts riding horseback, fighting the wind.They are pathetic with nothing real apart their stupidity.
    "Und morgen die ganze Welt;
    Links, zwei, drei,
    vier! Mützen ab!
    THey want to be heard by the world tommorrow ?, Not even close, certainly not on this world time watch.

  4. Well said anonymous, your comments are spot on and well put. Sadly such a man is needed in these dark dichotomous times. We are forced to either be pro MB or Pro NSF when the real need is for moderates like Mekki.

    1. well said

      The hatred for the MB result will be Mubaraks freed and in a few years Shafik in the driving seat and back to square one again. Just wait and see unless Egyptians wise up and stop the anti Morsi rants that are so destructive to Egypt the country.
      I wish Egyptians were wiser because to see this happen is so sad. So blinded by hatred they harm themselves even more.


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