Saturday, April 6, 2013

#Hala’ib Triangle back to the spot : Some things need clear and Urgent statement

Ok aside from Bassem Youssef episode on Friday , Salafists’ protest at the Charge d’ affaires residence to Liberals and Upper Egyptians protests in solidarity with the Sheikh of Al Azhar , we have another thing to debate about on Friday’s night : What President Morsi said regarding disputed Hala’ib triangle during his visit in Sudan.

Al Jazeera official website in Arabic published that Al Bashir’s assistant Nafe’a Ali Nafe’a said that President Morsi promised to return back things in Hala’ib triangle to what they had been pre-1995. 

In 1995 Egyptian armed forces restored back the disputed cities to Egypt.

There were no more details on how things will return back or what will happen so people thought that Morsi was going to give up Hala’ib triangle to Sudan especially the Freedom and Justice News portal posted a news without Hala’ib in our borders the map “at least showing it as disputed”

Anyhow after few hours we found  ambassador Ehad Fahmy , the official spokesperson of presidency denying what Al Jazeera publishing on TV saying the President did not speak about Hala’ib in his visit and that Hala’ib triangle is an Egyptian region.

Unfortunately people do not know what to believe and it is not a secret that they do not trust the presidency in Cairo so easily.

I believe the Egyptian presidency should act quickly and issue a statement about what happened in Khartoum regarding this particular issue. Some things should not wait till the morning.

The thing is the Muslim brotherhood really believe that it does not matter if Hala’ib triangle was following Egypt or Sudan or even Turkey as all this is part of the Islamic Nation.

By the way it is not a secret that Hala’ib triangle is a military zone in Egypt so if by any chance Morsi spoke with the Sudanese officials giving them any kind of promise this would create another problem between presidency and the army.

I think I spoke about Hala’ib triangle in this blog for year and the implications of such case on the Egyptian Sudanese relation before. I remember that I used the old books in my search and it did generate huge discussion.


  1. Please tell us more about the Al Azhar University thing. From what I understand five or six hundred students ate spoiled chicken and got sick. The MB is trying to use the scandal to get rid of Grand Imam of al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb. He's considered a moderate.

  2. Zeinobia: I also wanted to add that April 6 was also the start of the decline of the news media that is controlled by the government and indeed the death blow to it and its credibility was the massacre of the Copts at Maspero in October of 2011 and the criminal incitement by the fool Rasha Magdi to listeners to go out and fight those Copts that were only demanding their rights

    I suspect that most Egyptians that have access to the web or the cable system do not watch government controlled media anymore


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