Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Using Religion in elections : Someone is in real trouble and needs some sort of religious help !!

From two days ago the Shura council legalized once again the use of religious slogans in elections and campaigns.
Mohamed MorsiIf you remember it is prohibited to use religious slogans in electoral campaigns in the Political practices and rights bill.

Yes, the Islamist dominated Shura council amended the bill for the upcoming parliamentary elections that may be held next October according to President Morsi’s expectation in Qatar.
Personally, I believe  the Islamists and above them the MB are in big need to use the of religion once again in the elections to win the people back to their side using Egyptians’ weakness point : The Religion.
They know that their popularity is going down the slope especially in the big cities “according to the referendum’s results” and so they need back to employ religion in their political service.
The religious slogans can work good in the country side , the weak point of the opposition unfortunately.
Anyhow realistically speaking even when the law was prohibiting the use of religious slogans and even  houses of worships , the religious slogans and houses of worships were used all the time in electoral campaigns in last elections in 2011/2012 and even during Mubarak’s era. 

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