Saturday, May 11, 2013

And #Maher Was Detained And Released in Old New #Egypt !!

I was outside Cairo visiting one of the villages in Sharkia governorate for extremely important assignment I heard the news that Ahmed Maher , the founder of April 6 Youth Movement was arrested upon his arrival from the united States in Cairo airport.We found out from the news that he would be detained for another 4 days pending investigations and that he was transferred to the top guarded prison "Al Akrab".
In the morning we found out that the prosecutor general appointed by the president has ordered the immediate the release of Maher.
There is news that minister of interior has withdrawn the complaint he filed against Apirl 6 Youth movement and its members as well. 
Ahmed Maher and Asamaa Mahfouz
Ahmed Maher and Asmaa Mahfouz by my iPhone cam
Maher was detained according to an arrest warrant issued as we have known on 4 April 2013 and strangely he traveled to the US after that date and no one stopped him from traveling or arresting him earlier. He is being accused of inciting protests against the minster of interior at the minister’s home. Early April 2013 a group of April 6 Youth members went in the mid of the night and protested at minister Ahmed Ibrahim of interior’s house in New Cairo. During that protest the protesters held women’s underwear with signs hinting out that the ministry of interior is like a prostitute who sleeps with everyone in the regime in reference to how the MOI is now following the MB’s orders.
Already four April 6 Youth members were arrested in that protest that ended with clashes against the security forces. Only recently the 4 members were released pending investigation after weeks in bad detention.
The news of Maher was received by mixed feelings among activists and social media users. Old activists who know Maher personally were alarmed and remembered how the old regime , SCAF as well the new regime of the Muslim brotherhood consider Maher the enemy.It is ironic that from couple of days ago Maher remembered how he was tortured in 2008 by the state security of Mubarak. 
The biggest irony of all in this affair that Maher said that he did not want to vote for Shafik because Shafik would arrest him and other revolutionaries !! Well time showed us that there is no big difference between Mubarak's regime and Morsi's regime 
April 6 Youth Movement believed that this is an episode of escalation between them and the regime vowing to continue to their work against injustice in the country.
 Some people considered what happened to Maher is a lesson to all people not to trust the MB because they turn against all those who support them to reach to rule in the end. Maher is a good example , he supported the Muslim brotherhood in the Presidential elections despite all odds. Then he was chosen in the constituent assembly, of course he resigned later to object how things were taking place in the assembly that produced a constitution that April 6 Youth campaigned against.
Of course for those hate and mistrust April 6 Youth Movement from Pro-Mubarak supporters as other well Pro-Revolutionaries the arrest of Maher this is a cheap charade to increase the low popularity of Maher as well the Muslim brotherhood.
Unfortunately this theory is supported by the tweets of people like President Morsi´s aide Pakinam El Sharkawy. El Sharkawy tweeted today on her personal twitter account about how no one can ignore the patriotic role of Maher and April 6 in the revolution hoping that the situation facing him to end soon. 
There is another theory that Ahmed Maher was detained and then released by Prosecutor General Talaat Abdullah in order to embarrass East Cairo district attorney Mostafa Khater 
If you remember Khater had a huge role in the Presidential clashes on 5 December and his decision to release the detainees embarrassed not only the MB but rather the President Himself.
Of course this theory is supported by the fact that the MB members and supporters are now saying that the old regime Pro-Mubarak district attorney Khater is prosecuting the revolutionaries while Talaat Abdullah whom the revolutionaries do not like that much is releasing them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Media of course slammed the decision to arrest Maher attacking Morsi and the MB all night long yesterday. 
Everyone is trying to use the whole issue for their own sake in the end. 
Personally after hearing the detention of Maher in the airport , I remember JFK's quote " Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" immediately. I wondered how the next wave of the Egyptian revolution will be like and how much violent it will be when youth see the iconic activists who supported peaceful revolution , who supported the Muslim brotherhood are treated like that whether Alaa Abdel Fatah or Ahmed Maher.The anger next time will not be that peaceful compared to last time "actually it was not that peaceful on 28 January 2011"
I do not care that much about whether it is a conspiracy yet I care that  Maher was detained in the airport for a very alarming charge "Calling for a protest"
I do not doubt that Maher's fame will cause bad headache for the regime and the Muslim brotherhood and will create more headlines in international press than less famous activists who are hunted down on a daily basis across the country. 
It is very alarming charge and many people can be next if they want to organize a peaceful protest.
Anyhow there are other activists than Maher whom we should remember and make noise for like Alexandrian activist Hassan Mostafa who is less known than TV and social media activists yet more energetic and powerful on ground.


  1. "Of course this theory is supported by the fact that the MB members and supporters are now saying that the old regime Pro-Mubarak district attorney Khater is prosecuting the revolutionaries while Talaat Abdullah whom the revolutionaries do not like that much is releasing them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hmmmm. But technically that is correct isn't it!??

  2. So many theories to explain why Egypt is a fucked up country with fucked up people. Is it really such a mystery? Watch how after the Pakistanis voted for the first time in their history yesterday, things get worse instead of better. There! I just predicted the future! And I didn't even need to examine a shitload of conspiracy theories to do it, either! All I needed to do was pay attention to what kind of people Pakistanis are.

  3. "the ministry of interior is like a prostitute who sleeps with everyone"

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

  4. Hi Z,

    Remember you article about the hero Mostafa Khater:

    Well, you -activists- made him hero and it bites you back! Ironically, Tallat Abdullah is the one who released him!


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