Saturday, May 11, 2013

#Reyhanli Explosion : Could it be a turning point between Syrians and Turks !?

Today two car bombs have killed not less than 40 people in border town of Reyhanli. Despite that no one has claimed responsibility all fingers are pointing to Syria including Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
As it is a border town , there is a Syrian community of refugees who fled the country and I am afraid such explosions would harm those Syrians as their host in the town could blame them. Already from local Turkish testimonies I have been reading online , the locals blamed their government as well the Syrian refugees and Syrian revolution turned in to a civil war.
Today I read that the locals of Reyhanli smashed by rocks the cars carrying Syrian plates in the border town angrily. I fear this could be a turning point between the Syrian refugees and their Turkish host and here I am speaking about the people not the government.
To add more fuel to the problem ,there is Alawite Turkish community in the city . I can imagine how the sectarian talk adopted by some Syrians can be harming in these situations.
Here is a photo album for more than 50 photos from Reyhali’s explosion “graphic” by Brown Moses


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    1. Also Jews did 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. ;)

      Haha. What's wrong with you Egyptians? Are you all morons?

    2. A lot of them are morons, Jason, but the real problem is that they're an immoral culture and will "believe" anything that suits their personal preference and will "disbelieve" anything that doesn't.


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