Sunday, May 12, 2013

#Syria : This is more than Alarming

Moaz Al-Khatib , the ex-president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition was interviewed by Al Jazeera international. His interview was quite alarming and I believe the National coalition should come forward and either confirm or deny what the Sheikh has said in his short interview.

Talk to Al Jazeera : Sheikh Moaz Al Khatib

The Syrian people did not elected the National Coalition nor did it choose those self appointed endless military council. The Syrian people should know the truth now about what is happening behind the closed doors because unlike those Syrian politicians who are staying abroad meeting foreign officials here and there in fancy suits , they have been paying very expensive price for their freedom.


  1. What is alarming about it? It's a know fact that the Saudis, Qataris et all are intervening in the whole issues, and this is what makes it more complex. But on the other hand, what are the other options? No one seems to be looking for a political solution. Both the Iranis and Qataramericans seem to favour this war game. In fact, Egypt has the capacity to play a role here, it can find a political solution for the while thing, but Morsi is a big looser.

    1. Egypt is already playing a role, Tarek. Egypt is run by the Muslim Brotherhood, and if you're not aware of the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in Syria, you haven't been paying attention.

  2. I had to stop watching at 7 minutes in. That strangely named Arab woman with the odd accent was so far beyond mere leading questions. She was aggressively editorializing from start to finish and insisting her "interview subject" agree with her own stated personal opinions. And besides that the whole "interview" was obviously staged and well rehearsed. This is what passes for journalism at Al Jazeera? We call that propaganda where I come from, and I say that even though I don't necessarily disagree with the viewpoint being expressed.

    You know what would have made it worth watching, though? If that strange Arab woman dressed like a western whore had been interviewing a Syrian Arab Spring leader in Tahrir Square, surrounded by the Egyptian Arab Spring. I suspect that video would have gotten a hell of a lot more views on YouTube. And she would have learned a valuable lesson. (that's your cue for tasteless jokes, Jason). Bonus points if Temoris Gecko was her cameraman.

  3. Aside from the misery we are living in Egypt, I still find pride in having a Syrian opposition based in Cairo, but I hope it would be the popular one, backed by real support from inside Syria.

    However, due to the dirty work of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is no less sinister than the Turkish or Saudi role, this would have a negative effect on whoever operates from Egypt!

  4. Actually , he made the right decision given that the SNC is as relevant to the Syrian uprising as the Muslim Brotherhood was relevant to the Tahrir Sq. protests that toppled Mubarak.

    Morsi is in government but not quite legitimate because the MB rode on the backs of the original protests and promised not to seek the Presidency.
    The SNC will probably be displaced by leaders inside Syria when the shooting stops.
    The MB will have their time in government, show Egyptians that they are ineffective managers and be supplanted by other(more efficient,effective) groups.
    Saudi & Quatar are not a huge factor in either Egypt or Syria. Turkey is more so and also the EU.

  5. SAA will kill all foreign terrorists who enter Syria.


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