Friday, May 17, 2013

And Our Soldiers Are Not Released Yet in #Sinai "Updated"

And 24 hours have passed and the soldiers that were kidnapped in Sinai earlier Yesterday have been released despite all the news reports , leaks and rumors claiming that they will be released soon.
First of all according to different 3 sources to close Sinai locals and tribes as military and security sources I know what happened earlier yesterday was as follows : Earlier Thursday families of Salafist prisoners in Tora prison protested against their alleged ill treatment and torture in the prison. Some say that one of the prisoners Hamed Abu Sheita was actually tortured till he lost his sight.
Younis Makhioun , the leader of Al Nour Party had already published a post about this prisoner in his official Facebook page condemning the prisoner’s torture.
Now the prisoners’ families and groups cut the highway vowing to kidnapping any official passing by searching the cars and taxis. The 7 conscripts were taking a taxi from their camps to spend their vacation back to Cairo. They were busted thanks to their haircuts and their uniform.
The prisoners are militants allegedly from Jihadist Salafists who were convicting of killing 5 security officers and one civilians during a series of attacks in summer 2011 on Al Arish city police station and Al Arish branch of Bank of Alexandria. 25 Individuals were charged in the case.
This is what happened.
Now I Knew that Abu Sheita family  denied that it stood behind the kidnap but of course it could be not his family but rather his group or his clan or even other prisoners’ families.
Yesterday Morsi held a meeting with ministers of interior and defense as well the intelligence chief. I believe the photo summarizes the state’s position in my point of view.
Zoom in and see their faces please "Presidency FB"
The presidency yesterday issued a statement about the kidnap and the statement was very interesting and made people shocked and angry. In the statement published in the official FB of the Egyptian presidency spokesperson we found the following statement :
The President gave his orders to continue the efforts to release the kidnapped soldiers and to be keen on keeping both the kidnapped and kidnappers alive
Mentioning the kidnappers in the statement and giving orders to keep them alive made many people wonder if the President felt sympathy with the kidnappers especially that they are allegedly Islamists.
Some would say that the president wanted to send a good message to the kidnappers so they would not be alarmed and hurt the kidnapped soldiers.
Anyhow the police and army personnel are extremely angry and believe that they are being insulted.  The police personnel in Rafah closed the Rafah crossing to protest the kidnapping of the soldiers.
The average Egyptians feel that Sinai is no longer under the Egyptian state’s control. People are slamming not only Morsi and his administration as well the Islamists but they are slamming minister of defense El Sisi.
On social media networks you will find the army officers expressing their dismay on how the state is opening a dialogue with the kidnappers to release their colleagues while they can teach those terrorists/kidnappers a lesson in no time releasing the kidnappers.
Now according to leaks and to what I know personally the military intelligence is the one that leads the negotiations with the kidnappers in Sinai whether in North or South and that it leads the negotiations now regarding the safety of the soldiers. What is more interesting that today we have learned that members of the Muslim brotherhood went to negotiate with the kidnappers as well.
To be accurate a delegation from the National Council of human rights “Islamist dominated” including Mohamed El Beltagy ,the MB leading headed to Sinai and is having talks there.
According to news reports the ministry of interior and armed forces agreed on some demands mainly transferring the prisoners from Tora prison to El Akrab prison. “I think El Akrab prison is worse than Tora prison.
Latest news that there will be an action against the kidnappers. 

Update : 

The Egyptian armed forces announced on its Facebook Page that there are military deployments heading to Sinai now. 


  1. This guy morsi stages attacks on "allied" foreign embassies using Al Qaida surrogates in order to get Al Qaida terrorists released from prison in the US, but people think he may not be doing the same in Egypt? A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist.

  2. That what we know about him
    He always give us the word and it's opposite in the same time
    We always feels like that we are in a poem to a great poetry
    Full of many and great figure of speech
    Slide: up
    Fell sympathy with both the kidnappers and the kidnapped
    Be a president and talk about a conspiracy theory of unknown people that are going to do specific actions known to him only we thought that he was our mercy but it's clear now that he is our curse

  3. The solution is to clear Egypt from Islam and reclaim it for Christiantiy. Reclaim Egypt for Boulos and Boutros and f**ck the Islamics. Egypt is not Muslim.


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