Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Environmental Disaster in #Sinai "Exclusive Photo"

The vessel in Blue Hole by Elon Schutze 
Today Sinai is in the heart of the news and most of the news are not good. The latest news is not national security related but environment related , it is more of environmental disaster to be accurate.
Several coral reefs were devastated last Wednesday in South Sinai in famous diving in Blue Hole and Canyon areas to be accurate.
It turned out that a foreign vessel called "Sea Lord" swerved from its course and lowered its anchor in to the reef bed destroying the coral reefs !! The vessel is 120 meter long and I do not understand how it went there and nobody noticed it from coast guards and navy !!
Some sources that the ship was on drift in the international water so I do not understand how it did not receive help or why it came to our waters and did what it had done !! By the way we do not know the nationality of this vessel.
The photo above was sent to the Rescue and Environment protection society to a dear friend and I asked him if I can publish it. 



  2. check this ones:

  3. The damage that a coral reef could sustain from a ship's anchor is negligible. Teeny-tiny. Eentsy-weentsy. This is not an "environmental disaster", it's just a case of a ship being where it shouldn't. By crying wolf you do the environmental movement no favors, Z.

    1. Don't you get tired of talking about things of which you know nothing about? Coral reefs are very delicate and have been destroyed by as little as careless swimmers. You do not know the extent of the damage in this case, unless between posting baseless assertions on your computer you swam underwater and surveyed the damage. And yet, not only do you make these unfounded claims, you have the arrogance to chastise Zeinobia for covering this news - on her own blog! Please do everyone a favor and stop posting here (and elsewhere, for that matter).

    2. I think he might be right on this one . Corals grown 5 to 10 cm a year. and comparing the size of the reefs and the damage an anchor could do compared to an oil spell or the sinking of a hazMat ship, or the global warming, we should be okay.

  4. I think its time for our Naval forces and coast guards to have a real visible and strong role in patrolling our waters and asserting our sovereignty there. Any damage sustained to such places as the Blue hole is a threat not only to the environment but to national security on the ground of threat to tourism income. Marine life are already suffering from global warming, rising sea temperature and acidification of water from extra absorption of Carbon Dioxide, even if it is a "Teeny-tiny" small dent! The global equilibrium has already entered in a negative-feedback loop.

    As a punishment for the ship and its company, I suggest drowning it and having it serve as wreck for diving and marine life! Compensation for drowning the ship should be equal to environmental damage sustained and possible economic effects, tit-for-tat. It can then be publicized later on when the corals and marine life are established on the wreck as an example for future intruders, not only in Egypt, but world wide. This will also please our Green Peace friends and we will definitely have their support!

  5. People who support terrorism want to protect the environment and defend the tourism industry? Seriously? Some badly conflicted agendas in play with that.

    1. you don't know that large and not so large international corporations are actively involved in environmental terrorism and then create a corporate responsibility site, that gives peanuts of selective support to such values, venues and people they just help to destroy? so much about conflicting agendas.
      Visit Egypt and you will be surprised to notice that there are less terrorists than in the rest of the world. Not convinced than cheer those Egyptian terrorists who protect the Egyptian environment.

    2. An American would have to be batshit crazy to visit a place like Egypt. If I had my way it would be impossible for Americans to get visas to go there, and the US State Department would issue a formal disclaimer that it could and would do absolutely nothing to help Americans foolish enough to go there anyway. Harsh, but sometimes harsh measures are required to protect national interests from idiots who should know better but don't.

      I admit it was pretty funny when you claimed the country that spawned the Muslim Brotherhood and is currently governed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the father of all Sunni terrorist organizations, doesn't have a problem with terrorism, though. And yes, by all means, lets talk about what great environmentalists Egyptians are. Why not? We could get into the importance of preserving Egyptian art, too. Lets all play classical music and smoke pipes and discuss how civilized Egypt is and how much the rest of the world especially zionists and americans can learn from Egyptians...

    3. Egypt is struggling, and we are not sure if tomorrow we will have a complete breakdown of the whole country, food , water, gas , order. So, if some of us are still preoccupied with preserving the environment, art or culture, I think they deserve some credit.


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