Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Colonel Finds A Way To #Gaza

Life in Egypt is stranger than fiction without doubt !! On the same day we are speaking about our kidnapped soldiers and the tunnels in Al Arish to find a photo report about KFC delivery to Gaza through tunnels !!!!!! Xinhua published the report today and it is making headlines worldwide. Yes it turns out Gazans buy from KFC in Al Arish and smuggle the orders through the tunnels. It turns out that if you are in Gaza you can order KFC through Ymama Delivery service.
Now Order KFC from Ymama "Ymama FB"
You place the order and they will send its boys to cross the tunnels then go to KFC branch in Al Arish to get the order. The boys then return back through the tunnel with the orders.
KFC orders inside the tunnel "Xinhua"
Ymama delivery boy with KFC meals "Xinhua"
It would take 4 hours to enjoy the colonel's secret recipe in Gaza.I wonder how many Gazans got food poisoning from KFC after all !!
Ymama is extremely happy with the publicity it got today internationally according to its Facebook page.
Of course this is the biggest advertising for KFC after the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir square !!
By the way back to the main news today in Cairo , the kidnap of the conscripts in Sinai ; Hamas announced that it closed the tunnels today from its side. I think today there will be no KFC delivered to the sector !! 


  1. Di you know that a bucket of KFC Chicken smuggled into Gaza City Costs $27

  2. Finger-lickin good!
    Fast food unites the people of the world.
    The McDonalds Arab-Israeli peace plan: lets all get fat together.
    Even Jihadists like a juicy burger.

  3. I wouldnt be surprised to learn that this is publicity stunt for KFC, planned and executed by their PR .


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