Thursday, May 2, 2013

#BassemYoussef Saga Continues : Khaled Mansour to head to the Prosecutor general’s office Tomorrow !!

Stand up comedian and “Al Bernmag” Crew member Khaled Mansour is summoned for interrogation at the prosecutor general’s office tomorrow Thursday.
Mansour is widely known in Egypt as a crew member of Bassem Youssef’s show “Al Bernmag” on CBC. His most famous character in the show is popular “Gamheer” {The Public} , the wife who is suffering from her Islamist husband {Mohamed Morsi}.
It seems that someone reported Mansour and is accusing him of insulting the President !! Mansour is reported because of a segment he starred in episode 6 of the show on CBC. It is called “Where will the prayer be at next Friday !?” where he mocked the expenses of Morsi’s Friday prayer and his parade.
Here is the segment.
Another segment from “The show”’ to head to the prosecution office !!
Mansour is third from the satirist show after Bassem Youssef and Ali Quadnial to be summoned and interrogated because of what is being said in this show.
Khaled Mansour is from the first stand up comedians in Egypt and he needs our support against this madness.
Updated :
Khaled Mansour went to the prosecutor general office in early morning. Officially he is facing the following charges : Insulting the president and insulting religion !!
He was released on bail for LE 5000


  1. Who brought the charges? was it a private individual or Morsi himself.

    Do you know that most countries around the world have the same right to bring charges against anyone they claim to be insulting as in libel and slander? This is nothing new so why the outrage?

    Most likely what will happen will be the same that happens in the same circumstances outside Egypt.

    The PP will call the defendant and finding no evidence or lawful statute release him.

    Nothing new here.

    Egypt is doing what happens all over the world.

    1. In other places in the world, anyone who brings a case against a comedian for mockery is immediatly dismissed because in other countries, people don't consider sarcasm to be 'libel and slander'

      That is why its a big deal.

  2. Zeinobia: What Morsi and his gang do not understand is that this is free publicity and indeed in the case of Bassem Youssef he made it to the big times as in CNN and Time magazine so he who laughs last laughs best so i say to Morsi bring it on


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