Friday, May 3, 2013

This is How We treat our Art in #Egypt

Earlier this week I was shocked to see this beautiful statue of Egyptian woman peasant in miserable condition neglected like that near the entrance of Al Hawamidiyya city ,Giza governorate. It is extremely beautiful statue
The statue neglected
It is just sad.This photo was sent to Egypt Military pictures Facebook Page last week.
This beautiful sad statue was made by artist Fathy Mahmoud “1918-1982” in a series of statues he made in Al Harm area , Giza from many decades ago. That series of statues suddenly disappeared from couple of years ago. When I searched I found out that the Giza governorate decided to spread those statues all over the cities entrances in the governorate.
The family of Fathy Mahmoud is extremely angry and they have to. I know Fathy Mahmoud’s granddaughter and they want to do something to save it.
Fathy Mahmoud’s portfolio includes the famous Talaat Harb statue in Cairo and the famous Mermaid as well the Students Memorial in Cairo University , Talaat Harb statue in Sharkia and Sails statue in front of Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria. “The last one in Alex is extremely beautiful”.
Talaat Harb statue in Cairo by Martin Misr
طلعت حرب
Talaat Harb statue in Sharkia by Walkademagmal
تمثال عروس البحر والأشرعة المنطلقة أمام السلسلة بالاسكندرية
The Mermaid and sail by May Mustafa
The Mermaid and sails by Rick Wiepking
I think we should raise this matter in the media. This is part of our contemporary art heritage and we are not doing enough to protect it or keep it.
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  1. Arts and Egyptians don't mix.

    Look at all new buildings and high rises, new supposedly affluent villas in the rich people compounds, what kind of architecture do they have? What kind of arts do they represent or era do they represent? Look at new buildings replacing villas in Heliopolis, Mohandessin, Maadi, Shobra, and in other cities, what kind of architecture is that?

    So don't complain of a neglected art in one of the poor cities in Egypt were peasants barely find food and water!!!!

    These people don't appreciate Arts at all, they care about food and reproduction. When the people in Hawamdiya and villages around it fight, they settle their feuds with tribal laws, they lynch and crucify people. When you try to raise awareness on issues such as birth contraception or FGM, you are being labelled as an athiest. When you give them money and food, they worship you. When you talk to them with authority of a sheikh, they venerate you.

    Never attempt to talk to these people on arts as they will rise soon in hunger riots!

  2. You should sell all that stuff and buy bread for revolutionaries so they can continue the fight.

  3. anonymous proves the real problem: lack of respect. only education can change this. we as a society need to ecucate each other respect respect respect.

    1. What the hell kind of Egyptian name is that?

    2. And not only education of the poor, but also of the rich.

      I forgot to say in the first post that the art of graffiti and murals we are seeing in some places still shows hope and the potential those revolutionaries the second anonymous is making fun of can bring to the art scene.

    3. Speaking of lack education and fake respect, remember when idiot westerners used to say things like this?

      Why is this?

      Unfortunately western women in Egypt are stereotyped as ‘easy’ due to the cultural differences that exist, the portrayal of women in western media and to some extent the behaviour of some tourists that visit the country. It’s not uncommon to see older European women with young Egyptian men and indeed this kind of sex tourism is on the increase. Unfortunately, some Egyptian men tar all western women with the same brush.

      Sleazy men are best ignored outright or cut off with a sharp “La shukran” – no thank you or “khalas”, meaning ‘enough”. If a man makes you feel in anyway uncomfortable or tries to touch you (however innocently) or kiss you on the cheek you should walk away and remove yourself from the situation.

      Attacks on women and rape are very rare, however some of the busier street markets can be the scene of random groping by young men who pinch or squeeze their victim inappropriately before disappearing into the crowd. Although unpleasant enough this is not usually dangerous and victims of such an attack should attempt to shame their assailants by pointing and yelling “Aram!” – meaning evil.

      I guess one benefit of the Arab Spring is that nobody believes the behavior of Egyptian men is so "mild" anymore, nor that it is the fault of immoral foreign female visitors.I guess the world did get an education from Zeinobia's friends, but that did that lead to respect? Or contempt? Be careful what you wish for, strange Egyptian named person. You just might get it.

    4. More educational material about Egyptians:

      Plenty of women come to Egypt alone each year. Some spend two weeks on a beach by the Red Sea as part of a package, while others backpack across Egypt independently. Almost all of them enjoy a trouble free stay.

      Yeah. Right.

      According to a survey issued by the ECWR in 2008, 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women within Egypt had experienced sexual harassment at some time.

      Which of those is educational? The respectful one or the not so respectful one?

    5. not to defend my self but just to avoid misunderstanding i am an egyptian, i am raising to egyptian boys, i am taking care of my wonderful egyptian husband (same age as me) i love zeinobia because her eye is open to see beauty and pain, wishing you all wonderful day, a day without judgement, a day without sending hatred feelings to anyone you meet. bye all.

  4. The third of fourth anonymous is lying about hope and potential of Egyptians, and the strangly named Egyptian is lying about Egyptian respect.

    Ten years ago:

    One year ago:

    Some things never change, and the ignorance of Egyptians is one of them. That's why Egyptians should sell all their art and buy guns for poor people. It's what the Muslim Brotherhood wants to do. Everyone knows it. And they won the elections.


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