Saturday, May 4, 2013

RIP Aisha Ratab “1928-2013”

Today Egypt lost a fine lady who played an important in its history. Today Dr. Aisha Ratab “1928-2013” ,
Young Aisha Ratab
 Egypt’s first woman ambassador passed away in silence.
Many people especially from young generations that late Aisha Ratab defied social norms in 1949 after her graduation from the faculty of law applying to become a judge in the state council. Of course her application was refused and so she decided to sue the government. Amazingly during the case , one of the State council’s judges stated that there was nothing in Egyptian laws then and Islamic Sharia to have a woman judge but it was more of a social problem !!
Anyhow Aisha Ratab became the first professor of international law in the faculty of law, Cairo university
Dr. Aisha Ratab  was appointed as the minister of social insurances and social affair in 1974 during late president Sadat. She resigned  in 1977 during the January 18 and 19 uprising to object the sudden economic decisions taken by Sadat.
With President Sadat in 1970s
The late law professor was later appointed as Egypt’s first woman ambassador ever. She served in Denmark from 1979 to 1981 and later in Germany from 1981 to 1984.Former minister Ratab earned the respect , admiration and love of many Egyptians who were shocked to know that she passed away in silence.
Late Dr. Aisha Ratab
I respected this lady so much.A true role model. May Allah bless her soul.

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  1. Would Morsi appoint a female ambassador? I doubt it very much

    May she rest in peace


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