Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Solar Heaters in #Egypt , Let's Use God's gift to #Egypt

Ahram Online made this interesting video about a workshop in Marsa Allam  about Solar heaters. Ice Cairo and Karm Solar participated in that workshop. 
The video has got English subtitles by the way
I think these solar heaters should spread in rural areas in Egypt that suffer from infra structure problem for decades and centuries. I see that solution will benefit millions of Egyptians in poor and rural areas before the middle and high class areas. 
Forget about the government , these initiatives should be spread by NGOs in the country side especially in Upper Egypt. Let's use God's gift to Egypt from sun for real. 
Amazingly whenever you get away from Cairo , you will find hope and people thinking outside the box. 


  1. And there is another solution called bio energy, I wrote about it from two years as I watched a documentary about it.

  2. Excellent initiative! How can we encourage this, and more grassroots initiatives? I am in Canada but would love to help where I can with this. We, the global community, can no longer expect governments to fix things for us. We have to make it happen and support each other in the journey.

  3. Just quick clarification, icecairo organized and sponsored the event.... Fayez from karmsolar just happened to be one of the participants chosen to attend and learn.

    1. Radwan I think now the prefect time to spread this statement

  4. This is very interesting. I wish I can visit that site soon.

    Also there is this American who came to Egypt few years ago and had implemented a biogas digester that produces biofuel from food leftovers at homes. He implemented that in Mansheyyet Nasser and trained some people. His name is Thomas Culhane and you can check his blog and project at

    I think there should be some sort of an association or a gathering for alternative energy related ventures...just alternative energy solutions, not sustainable development.

  5. There was a similiar programme in Moqattam one or two years ago and financed by NGOs, mostly using recycled materials to create solar power systems for the residents.

    They were constructed by university students and other volunteers then installed on rooftops and used for heating water, however, they were largely rejected as many residents were of the belief that the transfer of energy therein caused the water to become harmful, and use of it might lead to cancers, brain tumours, etc. A difficult and scary thought to dissuade them from.

    I can say that I've had a cup of tea made with water heated by one of these recycled-materials made solar panel and have experienced nothing of the kind to date ;)

    Lesson is: community collaboration is key!

    And many thanks, Zeinobia, for your post and blog in general!

  6. Deborah of Az.5/03/2013 06:10:00 PM

    Wonderful video, thanks for posting it! :)

  7. Zuweil should be heading some huge project like this not only to heat water BUT to refrigerate food for the poor too and for lighting.
    All street lighting should be solar powered. There should be not one house in Egypt using electric heaters for water when sunshine is free!! that's madness!


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