Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The New Ministerial Reshuffle in #Egypt : More MB blood in the cabinet

The spokesperson of Egyptian cabinet has declared in early morning on Tuesday the names of the new ministers in the ministerial reshuffle. all what I can say from reading the names and their bios that there is more MB blood in the cabinet regardless of experience.
First here are the names of the new ministers :
  • Judge Ahmed Mohamed Soliman , the new minister of justice.
  • Judge Hatem Bagateo , the new minister of parliamentary affairs
  • Engineer Sherif Ramadan , the new minister of oil and mineral wealth
  • Dr. Ahmed Eissa , the new minister of antiquities
  • Dr. Ahmed El Gizaway , the new minister of agriculture
  • Dr. Fiyad Abdel Monem , the new minister of finance
  • Dr. Ahmed Amr Darrag , the new minister of international cooperation.
  • Dr. Alaa Abdel Aziz , the new minister of culture
  • Yahia Hamad , the new minister of investment.
Second quick who is who :
  • Minister Ahmed Amr Darrag of international cooperation : This is the most import MB name in the list. Leading MB member Amr Darrag is the head of the foreign affairs committee in Freedom and Justice Party.
Originally an engineer and professor of Mechanics ,the man is known for his visits to Europe and the US speaking on behalf of the party and the brotherhood.  Here is his page in Wikipedia. “Arabic”
Darrag made headlines from couple of weeks ago when he spoke on how successful the relations between Egypt and Israel during the era of President Morsi in Washington D.C when he spoke about the Role of the military in future democratic Egypt in the Center for Strategic & International studies.Darrag also made controversy when his Op-ed in English about “The New vision for the Egyptian foreign police after the revolution” was published in The Turkish Economic and social studies foundation and then Ikhwan Web. The man was speaking about a new Egypt where“ where Copts, Jews and atheists live side by side in peace with equal citizenship rights” !!! Here is the complete op-ed.
It is worth to mention that the part about the Jews and atheists was removed in the Arabic translation of that piece published in the MB Arabic websites.
According to Darrag’s new position , he will be responsible for the talks with the IMF
Darrag lost in the parliamentary elections last year in Dokki and Imbaba against independent former MP Amr El Shobky , the professor of political science. 
  • Minister Yahia Hamed of investment : The former Vodafone marketing executive is allegedly form Khairat El Shater’s men.
The 1977 born FJP founding member is known to the media as the spokesperson of Morsi’s presidential campaign during the elections. After the presidential elections the Muslim brotherhood member joined Morsi’s presidential team where he became the President’s aide for follow up and coordination. 
Interesting enough the man responsible for investments now in Egypt graduated from the faculty of Alsun Ain Shams University.
  • Minister Fiyad Abdel Moneim of finance : This man will be from the team that will deal with the IMF.
He is considered the fifth minister of that ministry after the revolution. Graduated in 1980 from the faculty of commerce , Al Azhar university, this man’s specialty  is Islamic economy. I would say that he is close to the Muslim brotherhood.
  • Minister Ahmed El Gizawy of Agriculture : The new minister of agriculture is the head of the agricultural committee in Freedom and Justice Party. El Gizawy is officially the third MB member in this reshuffle 
  • Minister Ahmed Soliman of Justice : The new minister of justice is well known to have strong relations to both the Muslim brotherhood and Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa.
Now legend says that Soliman was close to Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa during his university study then he became closer to the Muslim brotherhood. I believe that choosing him will deepen the crisis between the judges and the presidency over the judicial authority law.  He supports all the legal actions taken by Presidency from constitutional declarations to illegal appointment of prosecutor general Talaat Abdullah. 
  • Minister Hatem Bagateo of parliamentary affairs : The new minister of parliamentary affairs is a very familiar face. Bagateo was a former aide to minister of justice Mamdouh Maree after the revolution. He is the vice-president of the supreme constitutional court.
The former member of Presidential elections committee who has been constantly accused of being a former regime corrupted member by the Muslim brotherhood. It is enough to read what was published about that man during the Presidential elections in Ikhwan Web website to see the huge change that took place in the MB mindset.
Tamer Bagateo was from the aides of former minister of justice Mamdouh Maree who was used by SCAF to tailor laws after the revolution according to informed judicial source. Saad Abdou , the former MP and leading member in Al Karma Party said that SCAF depended on judges from the former regime to tailor the laws rejected by national powers including Farouk Sultan “The head of the elections committee” who was appointed by Mubarak himself in the Supreme constitution court and judge Hatem Bagateo , the former ministry of justice's undersecretary
In no time as usual the devoted MB members are adopting the change of views towards Bagateo defending how he was chosen in the cabinet. It is disgusting to see how they are using religion in this.
Amazingly now the former regime supporters are accusing Bagateo of accepting the ministerial position in return of his silence in what happened in the presidential elections.
  • Minister Sherif Hassan Ramadan of Oil : Another MB figure. The 60 years old CEO of Ruhrpumpen was appointed from 7 months ago as the Chairman of the Oil authority in Egypt. I believe he is another close figure to the MB.
  • Minister Alaa Abdel Aziz of Culture : We did not know much about him except that the 1962 born new minister of culture is a film critic and a professor in the Cinema institute.
  • Minister Ahmed Eissa of antiquities : Some sources say that he is a member in Al Wasat Party.The 53 years old professor of Islamic and Coptic antiquities in South Valley University. Eissa was the Dean of the faculty of antiquities in the South Valley University  
He seems to be close to the Muslim brotherhood. Already people are currently sharing online his Op-ed in Freedom and Justice Portal defending President Morsi last January.
In the end the official Muslim brotherhood share in the cabinet has increased to become 11 ministers with the latest reshuffle. 
BY the way despite all the odds and criticisms , Morsi’s administration is insisting on keeping the ministers of interior and information.  


  1. So 5 new ministers are either MBs or affiliated with Islamists. Now for the whole cabinet, what is the total?

  2. More losers serving as a Secretariat to #MB and their #Morsi!It's high time for all national and political forces to realize that reforming this regime is an impossibility and a big illusion!They have to draw their plans of action accordingly... @amrazim2808

  3. Well, most of those judgements you made regarding the association of the current Ministers are based on nothing but assumptions. The thing I don't get is, why are we judging who gets picked for what...? I mean, let Morsi even put his Grandma as the head of the SCAF, we're not supposed to be telling him who he should employ, but rather judging on the overall performance of the complex he chose for government, which I admit is crap, but there is really nothing in hand to do other than wait another 4 years and educate ourselves more about the candidates so that we don't come off as a bunch of idiots the next time someone such as Morsi gets elected.

    - Another anti-Liberal

    1. Understanding who we are dealing with is an important step, and Zeinobia is helping to do that.

  4. You typed: " He supports all the legal actions taken by Presidency from constitutional declarations to illegal appointment of prosecutor general Talaat Abdullah.
    However according to 1971 constitution it's not illegal
    if it was illegal Zend followers would not accept.

  5. Let me check the above names: how women? None! How many Copts? None! How many Shi3a? None! How many secularists? None! How many Ikhwangiyya losers? Too many

    Like I say the despicable ikhwangiyya have to go and in the mean time secularists have to clean up their act

    1. Shi3a? Copts? Secularists? That's your recipe of success?

      1. All Egyptians are genetically Coptic.

      2. The last time Shi3a started getting into high positions, Iran, they forced the population to convert to their Religion.

      3. Secularists? The only secularists I hear about are Baradei, and this guy's a joke, and Khaled Youssef, who can't even produce a good movie, let alone run a Ministry.

      But ya, sure, the list is in need of women, not necessarily for success, but just to satisfy the demands of Feminists who are currently on the rise.

  6. Egypt has three paths before it.

    Option 1:


    Option 2:


    Option 3:


    Egyptians decided they wanted to see what's behind door number one.

    1. Links enabled:

      Door number one, 2001 A Space Odyssey

      Door number two, A Clockwork Orange

      Door number three, The Lord of the Rings


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