Friday, June 7, 2013

#Morsi speaks to Ahram in Four pages !!

Al Ahram Newspaper
Today Ahram newspaper published in its Friday weekly issue its first full interview with President Mohamed Morsi. The President was interviewed by the man who used to attack the brotherhood and the revolution in past Mr. Abdel Nasser Salama.
Now amazingly in the printed issued of Ahram newspaper , we found out that interview was published on 4 pages in addition of the first Front page with big headlines for the interviews.
We are making history in media and in press in particular in Egypt now without doubt !! 4 pages interview !!??
Now the interview summarized in few points for those who do not want to spend all that time to read the interview
  • Egypt will not lose a single drop from its share from the river Nile and Ethiopia is our friend.
  • Any talk about early presidential elections is nonsense.
  • We respect our agreements aka Camp David.
  • Morsi and army are good friends.
  • There is nothing called brotherhoodization of the state , it is nonsense.
  • The Mubarak regime corruption is unimaginable
  • The investigations of Sinai's kidnapped soldiers incident are confidential because it is a national security matter !!!!!!! “What about the national dialogue about the Nile Crisis ?” 
The interview

Unfortunately there is nothing new in the first interview for Morsi in the Arab press. By the way he considered his interview with the Global and Mail was more of a chitchat.
The interview took 3 hours and Morsi refused to drink anything during the interview !! The interview was typical presidential interview in state owned Ahram , full of hypocrisy !!

Here is the link in Arabic on Ahram Website and here is a summary in English for the interview from Ahram Online.


  1. Zeinobia: If I was conducting this interview I would ask him

    1. Could you condemn Mohamed Mahdi Akef for saying: Toz fi masr?

    2. Why did you claim in your CV that you were a NASA consultant?

    3. Where was the police and Amn el-Dawla during the recent attacks on the Coptic Cathedral? and where were you during the attack?

    4. Would you condemn Shiokh al-Fada'eyat for spreading hate and inciting violence against the Shi3a and the Copts and women?

    5. Would you condemn the attacks on Sufi shrines by the salafists and el-ikhwangiyya?

    6. Why are you going after the foreign NGO's could it be because they are building legal cases against Amn al-Dawla and the army and Tantawi about atrocities committed by the army and Amn el-Dawla for example against the Copts at Maspero?

    7. As for akhwanet masr can you tell us how many Egyptians were hired by his administration in positions of leadership that are not ikhwangiyya? and can you name names?

    8. Would you allow a women to be a judge?

    9. Are the Jews indeed monkeys and pigs as you claimed?

    10. Would you give halayeb back to Sudan?

    11. Who are really those so called el-felool? You must know right?

    And i would say to him this would be a good start and more questions are to follow

    But I would not hold my breath if he does not have answers

  2. Also there are a lot of drops of water spilled in Egypt! For example broken water pipes in the streets, which are not correctly repaired so a few weeks later there is again a leakage, spraying the streets with water against dust, washing the dishes with the tap opened fully, etc. Do something about that before complaining about another country. The plans for a dam in Ethopia are not new at all, now all of a sudden it is a problem.


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