Saturday, June 8, 2013

Actually The Police Can Stop them .. If they Want to

The official page for the ministry of antiquities on Facebook “It is the ministry’s official page thought” paged on Thursday very alarming posts about ancient tombs discovered and controlled by the locals who are not allowing the Egyptologists nor the police to come near to the tombs.
The tombs are said to be in Aswan , particular in the West. Ancient Egyptians used to have their tombs in the West. There are about 6 tombs discovered there recently by the people who took control of these tombs.
Yes the people do not want the state to control the tombs. Already I saw the photos and video from there and I am not an Egyptologist to say that this was an Authentic tomb or but its colors and drawings look amazing.
Here are some photos taken from inside one of the tombs

Here is a video from inside one of the tombs.
Now I do not understand who the Police can not control this tomb, I feel that we are living in Shadi Abdel Salam’s “The Mummy” !! The police can stop the locals of managing the sites as they want , they can even do it in a civilized way.


  1. Zeinobia: Do you really think for a minute that Morsi or el-ikhwangiyya care about the history of Egypt recent or past? Let me help you: they do not care and it is a disaster that Morsi allows locals to be in charge of such site

    I do not know if you are aware that in the case of the Temple of Ramses the third the government of Egypt at the time wanted to clear the site of the temple from "debris" accumulated over a very long period of time and "clean" the site for tourists. It is clear that you cannot allow people that do not have training in archaeology to even touch such site. And indeed it was foreign scholars that discovered the literary treasures (be it papyri or ostraca or epigraphy) that were located and buried in the "debris" at the site of the temple over a period of 1400 years, as the area of the temple became a town called Jeme which was abandoned by the locals following the civil war that was going on in 785CE between the Abbassids and the few Omayyads that were still left in Egypt and as usual it was the native Egyptian population that suffered . This discovery of such town for sure shed light on what was going on in Egypt after the Arab invasion of the country in 642CE and if the foreign scholars did not insist of approaching the site in a scholarly manner all of this would have been lost

    So the moral of the story is: Egyptian archaeologists should be in charge of the site to study it and to preserve it

    Does Morsi care? Not in the least

  2. The "official" ministry page is not actually the official ministry page. It is run by someone else who just called it al-rasmi.

    The real, genuine official page belonging to the ministry run out of the minister's office with his official statements can be found here:

  3. Are the people in the video the ones that have discovered the tomb? Because, the ones that are talking seem to be concerned about any damage that might occur to the tomb.

  4. The first photo with the writing gives the name of User, Mayor of Elephantine and his wife, Tuyu. The second photo is of a man named Pawer [or maybe Paser] and he is a soldier of the regiment of Nebmmare [Amenhotep III].

    1. You can read hieroglyphics? I'm impressed.

      Don't you think that the white/black contrast of the writing is suspiciously high? It looks like it was written last week.

    2. Marianne, in your latest blog post you write

      "I have already been able to ascertain that the names of the old gods have [because they were written in ink] been smeared out in many instances, even in people's names."

      Do you mean that the locals ostensibly protecting the tombs may have done that?

  5. No, not at all. People had tombs made well in advance of their death. The smearing of the names of the gods can have been done by the agents of Akhenaten or the tomb owners, themselves, in order to be in compliance with the orders of that king.

  6. So you think the tomb is real, Jason, but the paintings a hoax? Anything's possible. I was wondering why the person standing next to the offering table looks like a iwn-mwt=f with a princely sidelock in the tomb of a mere commoner....


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