Friday, June 7, 2013

Rebellion Campaign HQ set on Fire

Late last night the Rebellion Campaign ‘Tamarud’ stated to the media that they got threats and after few hours we found that the Campaign HQ in Downtown Cairo was torched.

The HQ on Fire "Tamarud official FB page"
The Campaign is accusing the Muslim brotherhood of standing behind the fire. The Campaign also issued a statement saying that the signatures they are collecting from citizens are not being kept only in the HQ and they are safe. It seems that unknown assailants threw Molotov cocktails in to the HQ.

After putting the fire off at the HQ "Tamarud official FB Page"
The campaign also announced on Thursday that it refused to sit down with the minister of interior to discuss the upcoming arrangements for the mass protests on 30 June 2013. On that day the campaign is planning mass protests as well to represent the signatures they collect to withdraw confidence from President Morsi in order to have early presidential elections to the Supreme Constitutional Court.
It is getting intense in Cairo without doubt and it is not even 30 June already.
Last 5 June 2013 the attorney general has ordered the trial of 12 opposition activists for allegedly inciting clashes at the Muslim brotherhood HQ in Moktam last March. Those activists including Alaa Abdel Fatah, Ahmed Douma, Hazem Abdel Azim, Karim El Shaer, Nawara Negm and Ahmed Eid.
The regime is provoking the opposition and the revolutionary youth as it is daring them to protest next 30 June, this is how I see it.


  1. we should all support the demos on the 30th even if they do not talk to the government or arrange a permit or discuss health and safety concerns. We must not do things legally. We all need to get on the street and when their is a crack down lots of people will die and that will show them eh! This is such a good and well thought out strategy isn't it. We all know 15 million or so didn't support Morsi from the last election as they voted against him. Even more if you count those who didn't vote and probably didn't want him. So what does the petition prove...that there are a majority who didn't elect the government. well that's democracy. The current ruling party in the UK got only 20% of the voters. Some 80% in total didn't vote for them. Same in America and elsewhere. So what do you suggest... Shall we dispense with democracy...Surely the Tamarad is a pseudo democratic attempt which of course no-one is really monitoring so can only be considered a straw poll. If you think you can win an election stop whining like babies and get elected.

  2. That is unfortunate. BTW did the "regime" find out who torched the 26 MB regional HQ?

  3. What are your expectations for the 30th?

  4. Democracy is weak when attacked from the inside. MB and Salafists are threatening our freedom. Tamarod deserves our support. We need to free ourselves from the jail of Islamist fanaticism.

  5. Zeinobia: did you watch the interview with Asem Abd el-Maged? and as usual these people have no clue that inciting any form of violence is criminal and that blaming the Copts is stupid and calling Muslims that would join in the protest as apostates is crazy.

    This man is despicable and so are the salafists and el-ikhwangiyya

  6. Hey please defend the victims of violence

    متظاهرون بالشرقية يحرقون مقر «الإخوان» بالزقازيق

    Oh no wait, cancel that, those are the "other" kind of victims.


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