Thursday, June 13, 2013

#SOS_EgyHeirtage: More Info About West #Aswan Tombs

More information surfaced online about the 6 West Aswan tombs discovered and controlled by the locals who are refusing to let archeologists and authorities to check them.
Al Rawi Heritage magazine published on its official Facebook more about one of those tombsfeatured in the video” and their history according to Spanish archeological team work in Aswan. It turns out the illegal diggers uncovered a tomb of Elephantine mayor from the 18th dynasty. The tomb is 1 km away north of Qubbet el-Hawa. Here is the video they are speaking about.

From the video, colleagues of mine have identified the name of the Mayor of Abu [Elephantine], Wesir, and his wife, Tuyu. There is also a man [in the middle photo] called Paser who was a "soldier of the regiment" [waw n pA zA]. In the picture showing two men, the one on the right is a is a sS qdwt, a draftsman scribe and wab-priest who seems to be called Montunefer; the one on the left is a scribe and his name is Amenemhat. It's a little unclear because their names have been partially erased--the theophoric elements, Amun and Montu have been smudged. The tomb dates by all the indicators from the reign of Amenhotep III, and the owner himself may have censored the names under Akhenaten
According to the Spanish team the locals from Nubians did not allow the inspectors from the ministry of antiquities to check the tomb because they think that it is located in a land that does not belong to the ministry thus it has no right to inspect it !!
Of course those illegal diggers do not want the state to control the tomb.

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  1. Zenobia, Zenobia, Zenobia, this is not news just as your last post on this topic was not news. This was some Spanish archaeologists sitting in Spain writing about what they could read on the walls in the video.

    If you don't have a reliable source on the ground in Aswan, just drop it. You've caused enough confusion about this already that others have had to undo.


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