Thursday, June 13, 2013

In case you do not know Rim is like Assaf

Last Sunday Avichay Adraee , the IDF spokesperson for Arab Media expressed his admiration with the voice of Palestinian Mohamed Assaf, the popular contestant in Arab Idol 2013 as well his anger from Hamas and how it is allegedly fighting this rising star.
Hamas is still meddling in the Gazans’ affairs and is still imposing its provoking and ugly restrictions on them. The best example is how the movement demanded the rising star “Mohamed Assaf” to withdraw from Arab Idol TV show to return back to the sector in a threatening message sent to him and to his family. Hamas also gave its orders to remove the photos of Assaf from cars and shops imposing fines on those breaking its orders. According to estimations and given data Mohamed Assaf is in good position in the TV show and there is high hopes that he will be “Arab Idol”
Personally I watch the show from from time to time , I am not a fan of a certain contestant but after what happened with him... "Bad Arabic structure" his voice is great or like what Ahlam had said “his voice is like diamonds”. That voice makes those who refuse creativity and other opinion angry. I say you are amazing amazing amazing Mohamed Assad
Strangely as far as I know Hamas denied that it ordered Mohamed Assef to withdraw from the popular TV show , in fact it denied those rumors from long time. Assaf himself had to speak and published a comment denying what Adraee claimed.

I had to visit your ugly page that is full of lies because of what you had said. I had already
denied on my Facebook page all those rumors. Nobody asked me to withdraw from Arab Idol TV show. No one has threatened me or threatened my family. My photos are everywhere in Gaza as an evidence on your lies. What it will be more than great and amazing is to stop the murder of our children and to end your occupation to our land so my people can found its independent state so Mohamed Assaf can sing to our children in order to hear the sound of love and peace instead of hearing the sound of bombs.
I wonder if Adraee will continue to hear Assaf. Anyhow it is good that the IDF spokesperson speak about arts and listens to Arab Music but why he did not speak about Palestinian singer and activist Rim Banna and how she was summoned to the Shin Bet because of her humanitarian visit to Syria !?
Last Monday in early morning a police force went to her house in Nazareth to inform her that she was summoned for investigation at the Shin Bet Tuesday morning.
Israeli police speaking to Rim
It turned out that the Shin Bet wanted to interrogate her regarding her humanitarian visit to Syria with a group of Arab activists including Egyptian activists last month. I remember this visit very well as it included Egyptian activists like Abdel Rahman Mansour and former MP Mostafa Al Naggar. They accused her of dealing with suspicious NGOs and travelling to an enemy state !!
Ironically I remember that Adraee used to speak from time to time on how poor the Syrian people are and so on.
Rim went to the interrogation and in the end she said the following on her Facebook page.
They were dwarfs and they will continue to be dwarfs,not higher than a Palestinian girl’s shoe.I am the one who ended the interrogation of Shin Bet officer by telling him one sentence : I do not care how you are worried about me , all your security and the security of the world do not scare and will not stop me from supporting freedom and human causes. I am released on a bail and accused of a national security charge which is visiting an enemy state. I was informed and warned. My answer was that I have been informed and the decision is up to me now.
This is why I love Rim Banna besides her amazing voice and beautiful song
Anyhow good luck to Assaf and really wish to hear him in a duo with Rim Banna, the original Arab Palestinian idol.


  1. She did visit an enemy state. Syria and Israel are declared enemies. It's considered a crime in any country.

    If it was the other way around, that is, if it was Syrian security police interrogating a Syrian citizen who went to Israel, she wouldn't have gotten such a courteous treatment by the security police.

    1. Very true, anonymous. And in fact I've heard Egyptians who visit Israel are treated worse than what Zeinobia describes, and Egypt and Israel are at peace. Zeinobia is what we call a hypocrite, where I come from.

  2. It doesn't matter for me, if a state has an enemy or call someone an enemy or if they are "declared enemies".
    What matters for me is the human being, is the dignity of man, is humanity and human rights.
    I do not accept uniformed people or people in clean suits who want to teach me whom I am allowed to support or not, and it doesn't matter for me to which organisation they do belong.
    Those secret services persons ignore and violate human rights daily, permanently.
    They want to blackmail, want to brainwash, want to tell a human being what she/he has to do or not to do ... ???
    The interrogation of Rim Banna shows again the misanthropy ("Menschenverachtung", in german) of those uniformed persons. Basically, they are nothing more than enemies of humanity (I mean them all, in every country). They have no respect of human dignity. That's what I say.
    Pit Becker paintmyblues
    in deep solidarity with Rim Banna

  3. I see anonymous coward #1 speaking to anonymous coward #2.

    It is time for humanity to leave the meddling, manipulating, conniving tyrants of the world to bicker themselves into oblivion.

  4. Sorry that we upset you by pointing out an obvious truth you'd rather ignore :D


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