Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stop Watching US #PRISM

I would like to encourage you to sign this petition in order to tell the Congress that US National Security Agency “NSA” to stop their PRISM surveillance program. Guardian is making it easier here for those who do not want to read long reports.
Unfortunately we are not paying attention in Egypt to the international debate after Edward Snowden’s shocking leaks 
Amazingly it turned out that Egypt is the fourth country when it comes to Boundless informant’s global mining operation according to Snowden leaks that were published in Guardian.No one has asked the US embassy about this matter.
Our media is not interested to raise the matter and to discuss it as it should.
Of course I can not imagine how the NSA analysts look like after following and reading our Egyptian-Egyptian communications in the social media. Seriously I hope they join our 24/7 endless talkative nature !!
Back in Egypt during Mubarak’s rule the government used to spend millions on software from UK and other countries as well from companies like NARUS to spy on Egyptians’ social media communications. Amazingly up till now there is no official investigation regarding this matter. 
We do not know if the General Intelligence and Homeland Security are still using this to spy on political activists as in the past or not. We do not know if our communications and social media accounts are still monitored and for what.
Already the Muslim brotherhood just like the Mubarak regime believe that opponents should be monitored. According to sources already the MB got its own internal apparatus to spy on its opponents as well on army commanders and intelligence. They do not trust nobody. Several MB leading members say from time to time that they record calls and they intercept calls.
Yosri Fouda and his investigative team tried to tackle this matter but no one was or is still interested tackling this matter.
Last talk : A spy in our house
I do not want us to forget this issue anytime soon.

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