Monday, July 1, 2013

Day One After the #June30 Apocalypse : Back to Old Sleepless Daysin #Egypt 'Updated"

Things are developing so quickly today in Egypt after the huge protests we saw yesterday. First of I will start from yesterday.
Tamaroud campaign’s 30 June Front issued its first statement last night with the title “Revolution’s First Statement” and it announced that Mohamed Morsi is not longer the President of Egypt on behalf the 22 million citizens who signed Tamaroud petitions to withdraw confidence from him.
The statement gives an ultimate to Morsi to leave by 5 PM on 2 July Tuesday otherwise the revolutionary group will call the general assembly of the Egyptian people “This is the exact wording they used” to mobilize at Egypt’s public square and to start a civil disobedience. It also call the army and police to stand by the side of the public and on the other hand to the people to continue their sits in all over the country.
Tamaroud has not represented the petitions so far to the Supreme constitutional court.
The ministry of health of health announced the latest numbers today : The death toll increased to 1 all over the country and 781 injured all over the country. The clashes in Cairo, Assuit, Fayoum , Bani Sawif and Kafr El Sheik.
One was killed in Kafr El Sheikh ,Alexandria , Fayoum and Bani Sawif while 3 were killed in Assuit and 9 in Cairo including 8 at the MB HQ in MoktamHQ.
There are no MB members killed in yesterday events at Mb HQ. The MB HQ was set on fire and stormed by the people. I think I will have another separate post about it.
 There are news that 4 non MB ministers have decided to resign from the cabinet.
Today the Presidency will  hold a press conference at 5 PM and the Muslim brotherhood will hold another Press conference.
Still millions of Egyptians will wait another statement , the statement of the Egyptian armed forces.
In those times , I think the best thing to do is to have a storify story as it will be a very long night.
Tamaroud will also hold another presser tonight.

@5:15 PM 

The Armed forces have issued a statement aired on Egyptian National TV and other channels. The statement was also published on its Facebook page.

The armed forces have issued a statement from short time ago. It is very strong statement and it says one thing  :
The armed forces are giving 48 hours to all political powers to reach for a reconciliation to end the current crisis otherwise it will announce a political roadmap for Egypt 
In other words either we will have an early presidential elections or we will have a very soft military coup on popular demand.
You must know the people in Tahrir square and the Presidential Palace are extremely happy with that announcement. Some political forces , from the civilian forces like Tamaroud are welcoming that statement.
On the other hand the the Islamists specifically from the Muslim brotherhood are extremely worried and some of them of angry as they considered it as a coup.
It is actually a soft coup still no one has made us reach to this soft coup except the Muslim brotherhood

@6:26 PM 

The Egyptian army is not responsible for the Egyptian TV and Cairo international airport. It is also worth to mention that the army has took control of number of governorates HQs in Delta.
There are army helicopters hovering Cairo's carrying balloons and flags.
Rebel Economy

Cairo Scene 

@10:27 PM 

Ok the Presidency announced that it has adjourned its presser tomorrow adding that Morsi is discussing with his advisers the latest developments. In other words Morsi and presidency do not know what to say after the army's statement.
Lots of statements have been  issues so far in those hours. Most of the non Islamist Political forces and parties welcome the statement .
The ministry of interior has issued a statement announcing its full support to the armed forces officially in its official Facebook page.
This was not the last most interesting official statement we had because the army did it once again. Armed forces spokesperson issued a statement to clarify the other statement issued earlier and the whole world read it as an annoucnment of coup. 
According to Col. Ahmed Ali´s statement the doctrines of Egyptian army do not include military coup and that the Egyptian army went to the streets in 1977 , 1987 and 2011 and did not lead a coup. The statement insists the armed forces do not want to be involved in politics and wants to reach to a reconciliation.
Now there are celebrations in Egyptian street like the celebrations we had on February 11,2011 !!!! Yes People are flying over the moon with the army's first statement.
Of course the MB does not celebrate it. In fact Mohamed El Beltagy has said in Raba'a Adawaya that it would be over the their dead bodies if army did it.
The Muslim brotherhood did not hold a presser 
Tomorrow's Al Masry Al Youm

@12:05 AM 

The Islamists aka alliance to support legitimacy ed by the Muslim brotherhood issued a statement at Raba'a Al Aadawaya saying that the Egyptian army is for all and that the alliance rejects all the attempts to turn the army against the legitimacy.

 @12:40 AM

Salafist Al Nour Party issued a statement and has called for early presidential elections. This is a big blow for the MB. 

@1:30 AM 

The Presidency has issued a statement and it revealed that the army statement was issued without his knowledge !!
Morsi and MB did not understand the message. This will not end good
The minister of foreign affairs has resigned 


  1. Interesting that both the Army and the Presidency are saying that the other cannot act without American support. I think it's time that Egypt reclaims their sovereignty. The interests of the U.S. are not the same interests as the Egyptian people.

    1. who will help the Egyptians? they also can not do anything - silly loafers by 70%

  2. Is this the end of constitutional democracy in Egypt? Where is the supreme court in all that? Is the army statement constitutional?

    1. We do not have a constitutional democracy. This constitution was forcefully pushed down the throats of the Egyptian people by a group of religious fascists that will now meet a deserved miserable fate as they have stolen our revolution.

      They are labeling their opponents as infidels, murder them, ruin the country, impose their religion on everyone ...

      If in any true democracy grass root democracy would mobilize millions against a government, any such government would immediately resign and hold elections; instead the Ihwan are holding on to power by all means. why? because they know they are finished in Egypt and everywhere else!

    2. wasnt the constitution overwhelmingly voted for in a referendum. Would you deny a large bloc of egyptians who support the mb? And an larger bloc supporting the salafist fronts and a large bloc supporting the Strong Egyptians and a small bloc supporting the Wasat and Watan trends. All of these groups reject army intervention. Early polls maybe but respect for the votes. Those who are benefitting from this are the army and losers who wouldnt win elections such as feloul businessmen, corrupt judges, Amr Mousssa, Baradei. Equal numbers have been on the streets as we all know for the MB so whats changed since he won 52% the country is a little more split but no reason to dispense with democracy and replace army and corruption.

    3. the constitution was entirely written by religious fanatics. Of course nobody had a chance to truly read and understand what the Ihwan had hidden inside and it has to be said, they are ruthlessly exploiting the religious feelings of the uneducated ones. A constitution should reflect the interests of people from all walks of life - not just those who won seats in parliament.

      In Europe/USA any government would step down and call for elections if millions are in the streets. And please stop with thise corrupt felool - is Khairat Shater any better? Corruption is worse then ever.

      The Ihwan are finished and that large bloc supporting the MB cannot terrorize the rest with religious fascism

  3. Zeinobia: Morsi and his gang have to go oh and old hayzaboon aka the US ambassador that despicable woman should also good and truh fi dahya

    I would have no difficulty in seeing the army in charge for a specific period of time let us say 6 months or even a year then the army has to transfer power to civilians

    Egyptians also have to realize that political Islam just does not work and therefore politics must be separate from religion as they do in Turkey yes you can have an Islamist president but secular laws and equality of all citizens something that political Islam does not allow

  4. Please do not count the American people as being behind Dr. Morsi. Mr. Obama has acted, and continues to act by his will rather than the will of Americans. He has had an agenda to create instability in our country and in those nations that serve his agenda. He acts outside of the law, without regard for our judicial and legislative branches.

    He supports the hardline Islamic regimes in Lybia, Syria, and Egypt to name a few. As such, please do not consider his actions as representative of the American people, just as Morsi does not represent the Egyptian people. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Egypt. In return, please pray for the American people in the repressive regime we have found ourselves in.

    1. really Obama doesnt represent americans. Hey this logic is he has no legitimacy either shall we remove him. How do you chose your legitamate unelected imposed leader. We could try it in Egypt. I know a guy called Ahmad Musab. He might be good he likes cats.

    2. We do not have a repressive regime here in the U.S. and Mr. Obama does not have "an agenda" to create instability. It was another president of ours who referred to our Constitution as "just a ... piece of paper." Always beware of people throwing around that word "agenda"--it is a favorite among political and religious fanatics.

  5. true anonymous, must be a "Tea Party Patriot" here on Zee's thread trying to trash Pres. Obama as usual! I'm surprised they haven't thrown in "he was born in Africa and stole the Presidency" lol.

  6. Just another ridiculous Tea Party poster. America's government spent 30 years supporting the opposite of democracy by it's support of Mubarek. The will of the Egyptian people should be supported by America.

  7. @Anonymous "We do not have a repressive regime here in the U.S." Are you kidding me? You can't arrest people on the slightest charge without hog-tying them first. You pepper spray harmless student protesters. You imprison more of your population (mostly black) than China does their's and execute more of your population (mostly black) than all countries outside basket case failed states. You torture prisoners of war and wage illegal wars on the rest of us. Get real.


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