Monday, July 22, 2013

Search For a Connection Between #MB statement and Ahram’s Exclusive scoop

The day started with that proposal from the Muslim brotherhood on its official Facebook page. To end or rather revert that “military coup” the following should take place :
  1. To restore the presidential , parliamentary and constitutional legitimacy. 
  2. The elected president Morsi would hold parliamentary elections for the house of representatives that would amend the constitution
  3. To have a national dialogue !!
No concessions what so ever.
Ahram's issue
Then hours later we found out that State owned Ahram Newspaper published this Front page “The
prosecutor general orders the detention of Morsi for 15 days pending investigations”.
The report is full of juicy parts “El Ahram exclusives details the American conspiracy on Egypt and the last hours of MB’s rule” like how Morsi is facing espionage charges for contacting the U.S ambassador Anne Paterson from Lieutenant general El Sisi’s mobile phone on 3 July 2013. Accordingly there are recordings for these calls “which means that El Sisi’s mobile phone was under surveillance !!?”
The prosecutor general denied that the report completely on air on Egyptian channels at the same time the Ahram Daily editor in chief’s Abdel Nasser Salama insisted that what the paper published in its Monday issue was true.
Anyhow the army spokesperson colonel Ahmed Ali then published a statement on his official FB denying completely what came in Ahram from claims.
“What came in Ahram’s issue tomorrow is untrue completely and does not depend on confirmed facts. Publishing this in this way in this timing aims to create confusion and to agitate the public opinion and to achieve the suspicious goals of certain political currents” Colonel Ahmed said in his short angry statement. This is the first time Ahram Daily is accused and attacked by the army in this way in its long history.
It is worth to mention that Ahram newspaper is supervised closely.
Of course now Ahram editor in chief Abdel Nasser Salama is in a huge trouble because Colonel Ali denied what he said completely and officially. Now people are accusing Salama of working for the sake of the MB as he was appointed by the Islamist dominated Shura council last year. It is worth to mention that that Salama is a Mubarak loyalist who used to attack the 25 January revolution in the 18 days and the revolutionaries during SCAF.
I believe that this could be a game of negotiations between the army and the MB. There are negotiations going indirectly and directly. You got local and foreign parties involved in these negotiations despite the official denials of both the army and the MB.
May be after that provoking statement , the leaks were sent to Ahram editor in chief to raise the bar !??
Another theory is that we got conflicting players now , we are not dealing with the army and the Mb alone.
By the way the MB may find it good to have Morsi officially detained as it will be used internationally for their own sake.


  1. I think the army wanted to actually imprison Morsi for 15 days. They gave the orders to the prosecutor-general and announced it to al-Ahram. However, they made a mistake and told al-Ahram before the prosecutor general officially ordered Morsi's imprisonment. Once al Ahram printed the information it was given, it became obvious that they were given commands to publish and that the prosecutor general just takes commands from the military and amn al dawla. That's why al ahram knew about the information before it was supposed to happen. Thus, the military had to deny everything. They have to deny or else it will be obvious that the justice system is at the whims of amn al dawla and al sisi.

    on another note, this was the first time in the military college's history that the minister of defense did not attend. Combined with the fake support video the military put together for sisi and attacks on the head of al geish al thany, there are definitely divisions in the military. Not all the members of SCAF agrees wit the decision to remove morsi and some were not informed of it till it happened. Sisi is afraid. if there is an internal coup in the military and sisi is removed, he could be tried with treason

    Already, military sources are looking for a way out. One said that Sisi could resign and there would be presidential elections. However, now al sisi would be civilian and could run. That would be interesting. All the liberals love him, and the Islamists are now more united than ever before.

    1. Oh, you were the fly who was sticking to that wall at Al-ahram. Or, may be at the military headquarters. Or may be at the prosecutor office. Or may be you can morph yourself into a few flies stuck at all of these, at once.

      Actually, it is your own demented editor in chief at Al-ahram who just sat down in his office composing some fiction that can make those angry bearded thugs even angrier. They can then run to the streets breaking cars, burn buildings, shoot a few innocent people, and throw a few more kids from the top of buildings before they use they rusty swords to separate their heads from their bodies.

      Shame on you, and on your elk. You should be all held for treason. Elh.

    2. Seriously? You're trying to convince us that the military is divided over the ousting of Morsi, and you're claiming that not all members of SCAF knew about Morsi's removal until it happened. But you forgot that the WHOLE world knew 48 hours before it, if not 9 days, if you count the 1st week's notice.

  2. Today, July 23, is a great day for Egyptians to remember. Take it from someone who lived during the corruption of King Farouk through the thuggish behavior of those so called Islamists, who are determined to burn this country to th ground, if they don't rule it again.

    It is a day off, a holiday, to remember a peaceful and orderly revolution, in a country that knows no order.

    Oh, well. I wish you well, and every success in ridding Egypt of these terrorists. Elh.

  3. Is this photo for real? May be our historian here can find out!
    .. الطفل عبد الفتاح السيسي يؤدي التحية العسكرية لـعبد الناصر ويهديه باقة زهور احتفالا بذكرى ثورة يوليو |
    Young El-sisi giving a military salute to Gamal Abdel-naser during the celebrations of July Revolution.

    I don't remember many kids at this time wearing a bow tie. He must be from the elite! Elh.


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