Friday, August 30, 2013

#August30 : Another Friday of protests and anticipation

After the Friday prayers today the Muslim brotherhood and its Islamist allies are organizing mass protests all over the country.
Today yet again people believe that today we will know that the Muslim brotherhood has still got power in the streets or not and thus their political power.  The protests are big indication indeed but I believe it is an indication for their organizing power of demonstrations only but when it comes to politics , God only knows what is happening in the backstage.
You must know many people are worried from today. The media is adopting scenarios that the Muslim brotherhood supporters are going to burn police stations allegedly like what happened on 28 January 2011 !! “Oh yes rewriting a history we all lived and the world witnessed is going on so fast in Egypt and people buy it”
The security forces from army and police warned the people from going to the streets today. The army warned the people from any stranger in their roof urging them to close their roofs.
Currently the streets are deserted. All people are staying at home while there are army and police are spread in major spots in Cairo and Giza. Of course Tahrir square is off the limit , locked down by army troops.
Amazingly over 2000 MB members have been arrested in the past few weeks. Many of them are the cadres in the governorates responsible for organizing demos and rallies. Anyhow here is another live coverage for the protests.

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  1. Well nothing of significance happened and I suspect that the people of Egypt will have another break from this terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood as they did thanks to Gamal Abd el-Nasser between 1954 and 1970

    The only way to get rid of these evil people is critical education and no more rote education and that in education every thing is open to examination and criticism religion and all


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