Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mahmoud Gamal ElDin Presents .. Chaos in #Cairo

Dear friend and photographer Mahmoud Gamal El Din was brave enough to be in the streets of Downtown Cairo last Friday as well Saturday. He took over 100 shots for what happened on those two days.

Everyone lost on that day but people do not want to admit it.


  1. I heard one young man (actually two of them) in a BBC Zamalek district video say, "we lost our humanity". One was on the news a photographer himself and had tears in his eyes. I feel for the people of Egypt in every way and hope the brutality stops in the name of all that is right, precious and good in the world and otherwise. Any good left in man must be reached for through such perilous times, as we are always tested in such times as these. They were in Germany, they are always during such times. Reach for the higher good.

  2. I hope you are okay Zee. They are detaining journalists now, and questioning their patriotism. Good luck to all the Idealists out there. The world needs you. I hope Egypt comes back someday.
    Meanwhile, know we suffer knowing you suffer. Seems like Mubarak is back "on steroids". :(


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