Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bomb explodes in #Cairo , back to the old 1990s day

An explosion has rocked Nasr City district earlier today. It turned out according to eye witnesses that it was an explosion at the minister of interior's house targetting his convey. The minister survived the attack that rocked the area but 8 people including a child were injured according to ambulance authorities. Some sources say that 5 officers were injured in the blast.
A photo for the explosion earlier from twitter

A photo from the site by Ahmed Soliman
A photo from Ahmed Soliman
Up till now the reason of the blast is unconfirmed as the Nile TV said that a bomb was thrown from a building while the convey was passing by and eye witnesses are speaking about explosive devices in a car. 

A Photo from Mohamed El Kholy
A Photo from Mohamed El Kholy

A photo from Ahmed Soliman
From two days ago the minister of interior Ahmed Ibrahim said on TV that he knew that he was targetted by the terrorists. It is worth to mention that the minister of interior was facing growing criticism because of Abu Zabal prison incident that killed 38 detainees last month as well his past record as a minister of interior in Morsi's administration.
Anyhow I think that this explosion will end any reconciliation attempts between the regime and the Muslim brotherhood.
Also it will make the regime extend the emergency status for another month. We should forget tourism too. 
We are back to the ugly 1990s with its terrible terrorism and terrible human rights abuses.
Here is a photo gallery for the area following the attack.


  1. The Interior Minister has no problem killing Egyptians or refugees, so why should he and his friends be allowed to destroy any hope of liberty and democracy over an attempt on his life?

    He deserves no special treatment and certainly should not be allowed to wreck the country on a whim. Yes, it is an assassination attempt, but the minister is such a hypocrite. To him, only his friends are worthy of life and only for him should heaven and earrh be moved.

    The state of emergency needs to be terminated, despite the excuses.

  2. It's hard to wrap my head around any of this...
    The January 25th movement was such an inspiration. It reclaimed the hope and passion of a world stuck in a political quagmire of imperialism, industrialism and religious lobbies; isolating, controlling and defining political policy & direction.
    So here we are, back to the same rhetoric, oppression and control with no end in sight ~ not only in Egypt but globally as well...
    My heart aches for all Egyptians right now, regardless of political or religious affiliation. This is not the direction the #jan25 movement had in mind at all...

  3. The 1990s will be a walk in the park compared to this. The Sinai militants didn't exist with such prominence in the 90s. And today, they're picking off police & soldiers like flies every week.

    Also, the 90s didn't see any successful assassination of major govt officials. But we're probably gonna see some very soon.

  4. Well let us see if this is a "bomb" thrown at the car from a building or it is an explosive devices in a car is no more than a moot point we can debate it ad nauseum but the end result is the same: This is a terrorist act plain and simple and should be stopped

    This attack like or not has the finger prints of the terrorist group the so called Muslim Brotherhood and let us not forget el-Nuqrashi Pasha and his assassination by members of this same terrorist organization for the same reason that he had no like for them or for terrorism so you see once a terrorist group always terrorist group

    I urge all Egyptians to stop being enablers for a terrorist organization called the MB but this does not mean that killing 600 human beings ar Rabaa was OK but so is the murder of police officers and military recruits and setting Coptic churches and businesses on fire or looting the library in Mallawi

    Shame on the Muslim Brotherhood

  5. It is kind of an irony that a man who feels no remorse at being responsible for the deaths and wounding of a large number of people going back many years and during several governments is targeted by others who possibly share the same general mentality.

    Yes, the Interior Minister too is a terrorist. The pain of those whose deaths he has helped facilitate will continuously haunt him, and he is unlikely to ever find true peace, even if he is not the target of assassins. Obviously, the attack was unjustified and resulted in pointless injuries to scores, and would be unjustifiable even if no one was wounded. However, this minister is exactly like those who sought to kill him. In fact, it could logically even be said that he contributed to their creation through the starting of a cycle of violence and counter-violence. Thus, the minister’s involvement in bloodshed was unjust, counter-productive, and futile. His history and legacy of violent oppression cannot just be erased. These things sort of cling to him like a karmic coat.

    It is a complete illusion that a “security state” will effectively address terrorism. Sacrificing freedom most certainly does not provide genuine security. This is something that the April 6 movement and the Revolutionary Socialists have understood; that realization is precisely why so many are attacking them.

  6. who benefits from this "failed" attempt

  7. The official announcements talks about 21-ton of TNT used for this explosion!
    Oh my god!
    So in a country with curfew, in a very-stuffed-with-security area like this, and near the house of ministry of interior; A TERRORIST CAN ENTER WITH CAR WITH 21-TONS OF TNT!

    It is either this minister is BIG-LOSER and should be removed, or they coordinate with terrorists!


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