Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sad end for the #SpyStork

I do not know if it is fate or what, but it seems that the story of Menes in the land of the Nile is extremely sad story.
After it was accused of espionage and spent a day in Egyptian detention , he was released in to a protectorate to fly free only to meet its end !! He was hunted down and eaten by an Egyptian Nubian family in the south !!!

It is a sad true story stranger than fiction , the story of the Spy stork in the land of the Nile.
RIP Dear Menes.
Late Menes


  1. It is not clear if the stork was actually "hunted down and eaten". This article says that it was found dead on an island of the Nile river. But it still is a sad story...

  2. BTW Menes is the Greek name for the first pharaoh of Egypt (king Mena in Arabic) who unified upper and lower Egypt and founded the first dynasty. Not a favorable omen for Egypt right now.

  3. This story is not sadder or any different than the stories of billions of cows, chickens, ducks, fish, and shrimps that are being slaughtered everywhere in Egypt and the world for the purpose of human consumption.


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