Monday, October 21, 2013

A Wedding and 4 Funerals : #AlWarraq tragedy

Blood on the Church's floor
Last night a wedding in a Church in the popular area of Al Warraq , Imbaba turned in to 4 funerals. Egyptians were attacked while attending a wedding ceremony at a Church in Al Warraq , Imbaba after two assailants opened their fire on the people standing outside the church late Sunday. The two assailants were on a motorcycle and fled away after opening their fire.

A Wedding that turned in to 4 funerals including the funerals of 8 years old and 12 years old girls carrying flowers , a wedding that turned in to 4 funerals including the funeral of the groom's mother. 

As it is a church in a popular area , the Virgin Church in Al Warraq is not secured and according to its bishop it has not been secured since the ousting of Morsi or after the attacks against the churches following 3 July.

Moments after the attack all the fingers were pointing to the Muslim brotherhood and co. as the attackers , they are the primary suspects that have been convicted by the crime that we have not known yet for real who did it or why.

Inside the Church from short time ago
All what we know that the Muslim brotherhood and their pro- radical Islamist allies radical rhetoric against the Christians and the Church played terrible and major role in the continuous attack against Churches. That rhetoric they refuse to give up , those actions they refuse to stop make them the primary suspect in highly polarized society.

The human rights activists are blaming the ministry of interior for its failure to protect the Christians , I can not blame them to be honest because since July 3 , 2013 and the government , the army and police have been warned over and over by human rights organizations that Christians would pay the price and were paying the price.

On the other hand since the attack all the Pro-military supporters as well the Pro-Mubarak supporters have gone in to a crusade against PM Beblawy demanding him to resign from his position along all his ministers. Ironically everybody knows that Beblawy is not real responsible for security in Egypt and that it is beyond his power. Security in Egypt is officially the responsibility of two men  : Abdel Fatah El Sisi and Mohamed Ibrahim. Be brave and speak about the responsibility of the ministry above the accountability responsible for the security of civilians aka the ministry of interior.

Anyhow unfortunately this is the first attack of its kind and sadly it will not be the last "despite I am praying that it would be" as long as there is no justice , no state of the law , no respect of human rights for all Egyptians regardless of their religion or color or race or class.

The 4 funerals will be held after two hours.
The second photo is by photographer Alaa El Kamhawy.
Update : Below after the break a small photo gallery for the sad day in Al Warraq.



  1. oh, lets blame Muslims brotherhood until we find the real suspect!
    So, the MB who was depressed for 80 years never accused of attacking churches, the first Cristian PM was from FJParty, came in power for a year and signed the first church-building authorization since really long time, came under heavy attack from military and didn't attack churches!

    and still some people blames MB!!!

    1. You are a disgusting and a stupid human being
      Shiek al-Azhar supported the revolt against the criminal Morsi so are you also suggesting that el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen should also attach Sunni mosques?
      You are supporting terrorists shame on you
      And how would you have felt if the child that was killed was your child
      Shame on you

    2. Somebody maybe possibly associated with the MB killed 4. The regime has killed, what, 4000 now? Morsi did nothing Sisi hasn't done 10 times more and worse.

    3. Hey yo Walker are you saying that if el-Sisi killed 4000 which he did not then this would justify killing two children among those that were murdered by members of el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen? Your argument is not just stupid but it is insane

      And how about the fact that Sheikh al-Azhar supported the coup against Morsi the criminal who incited violence would this also be a license to attack Sunni mosques and kill Sunni children?

      And how would you feel if the 8 or 12 year old girls were your children would you say oh that was OK because el-Sisi killed 4000 (sic)?

      Shame on you and shame on your likes that have no regard for human life

    4. Wake up Egypt and search where those MBs came from and where they are implementing the plan to take you. Just look of what happened in Iran since ousting of the Shah,.. Khomeini's role was the same .. implement a plan to take the country backward, and maintain it in chaotic atmosphere.. I am just wondering where this 'Walker' came from? and what drove him to speak nicely about the MBs..!!!!????

  2. You must be the biggest cunt in the world for trying to defend the brotherhood and put blame on the security forces. Weren't you the bitch who went along with accusing the police of the Qadessin Church Attack in 2010?

    Weren't you the one who said Al Adly opened the prisons?

    Only in Egypt, the price for betrayal and treason gets you a job at ahram and a pay rise when Morsi finally got to power. Right, bitch?

    1. If you think this was defending the Muslim Brotherhood you obviously are illiterate.

      Above that I won't comment to content. Because anyone who calls a woman a bitch but stays himself 'anonymous' is such a male coward that he's not worth talking too. Your words are worthless because your gross misogynistic insults are saying everything about who you are.

    2. Police is only strong once they can extort money from ordinary citizens and if they can torture their victims. Protecting us they fail miserably. And of course al Adly did it and of course Police was around when Qadessin happened - but not to protect. So don't play the innocent and righteous one - tyrant!

  3. You put it in a nutshell, ya Z. As long as the life of an Egyptian is worth nothing (no matter what religion, colour, gender), murders will happen. As long as there is no real state of law in which the state has the sole aim to protect Egyptians from attacks and respect their dignity, the horrors will go on. It is and must be a fight of all Egypt for one Egypt of human rights and respect or sectarian strife will never stop.


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