Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bassem Youssef To return To Bigger Challenge

After  being absent for several months following the vacation of his successful famous show “Al Bernmag” Satirist TV host Bassem Youssef will be back to TV screen next weekend. Youssef will present the first episode of in his show’s newest season next Friday 25 October 2013 on CBC after being absent for three months.
Everybody is waiting for his return from Islamists to Pro-Military to revolutionaries to normal Egyptians. All people are anticipating how the renowned TV host will return back and who will be his next victims.
The revolutionaries are wondering whether he will criticize and mock the new regime figures above them General Abdel Fatah El Sisi just like he used to do with ousted President Morsi.
The Islamists are waiting to see if Youssef will be bold enough like in the days of Morsi and will criticize explicitly ,freely and rudely from their point of view Abdel Fatah El Sisi. The Islamists and Pro-Morsi supporters believe that Youssef was actually used by the deep step and the army in order to turn the people against Morsi.
The Pro-Military/Pro-Sisi love to remember that Youssef’s producer is from the famous Qazaz’s Muslim brotherhood family.
The famous satirist did not deny that and it is true that his producer Tarek Qazzaz comes from him the famous MB’s Qazzaz family whose member Khaled Qazzaz is currently detained among other Morsi’s top aides and advisors. Khaled was Morsi’s secretary on foreign affairs.Still Tarek is not a member in the brotherhood.
The regular people are just waiting to see the show.
Bassem Youssef has got even bigger challenge now in those days , the true days of polarization and radicalization in Egypt. Radicalization in Egypt now is longer associated with religion only.
By the way Youssef writes a weekly column in Shorouk Daily newspaper every Tuesday. So far he has been speaking about the Islamists and radicalism. I hope he speaks about other types of radicalism in the country.
It is worth to mention that CBC is one of the top Pro-Military Pro-Sisi TV channels now in Egypt.
Youssef once promised to mock Adly Mansour , El Sisi and Beblawi just like the former Muslim brotherhood icons as soon as they got their own blunders on twitter last August.
To be honest there is a huge material from Abdel El-Fatah El Sisi’s speeches if Youssef and his crew are serious and … bold but he won’t dare I believe personally to speak about Egypt’s newest idol for fear not only the wrath of that new idol but for fear of his losing his fans. Youssef is smart and I think before CBC would impose any new censorship , there will be self censorship unfortunately more importantly.
Bassem Youssef gained a lot of audience including those from Pro-Mubarak supporters and Pro-Military supporters as well those who hate the revolution and do not believe in freedoms in the first place just because he used to mock the Muslim brotherhood.
I do not think that he is ready to lose that audience especially it is unfashionable now to have only revolutionary audience if we are going to speak about ratings and viewership in showbiz.
I hope that I will be wrong but I think Bassem Youssef will mock the current regime , he will be allowed to make fun of El Sisi himself in certain limits and of course he will be more than welcomed to make fun of the Islamists.
I hope that I will be wrong but in this time when freedoms of expression in Egypt are under attack , Youssef will be portrayed as an evidence on how much freedom in the country in the new era worldwide considering his international fame. In fact I will not be surprised to find the official spokesperson of armed forces Ahmed Ali invited as a guest in one of the episodes.
Anyhow I am not waiting that much for Bassem Youssef because honestly I care more for the absence of serious talk show hosts like Reem Magued and Yosri Fouda on ONTV.  Fouda is going to return by November 2013 according to his crew.
Reem Magued has been absent since Ramadan , we do not know if she is going back again to ONTV or any TV screen but we know that the famous anti-Islamist/anti-military rule revolutionary TV host pissed a lot of people last Ramadan when she said clearly down with the military rule on TV.
It is enough to know she was going to have an radio interview in Ramadan in some FM station but it was cancelled because of her public political views. Needless to say ONTV can not be watched now without those two.
With all that sick 1960s TV propaganda now , people like Reem Magued are needed to break the circle.


  1. I see Reem , Yousri , Belal Fadl , Nawara and El Baradei on a higher moral ground than all the other political or media people. I think Basem is there too , but his real test is yet to come. I believe Abou Treika has the same strong moral values among atheletes. Possibly Tarek El Shennawy too but he has less of an audience. I used to think Ibrahim Eissa and Hossam Eissa were the same , I guess I am naïve or ignorant or more likely both together.

  2. I wish Bassem Youssef well. He brings humour into people's lives. Way back in April, I wrote "And the winner is Bassem Yousef... and Egypt"

  3. Happy to see Bassem Youssef again. Tell me do you have a link where we can see his new program on internet ? Thanks

  4. Bassem Yousef
    Failed surgeon
    Unoriginal mediocre comedian
    Trying to copy Mr Bean in facial expressions and John Stewart in material but Stewart is leagues ahead.


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