Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back To Back : #KhaledSaid trial

Earlier today what happened in Khaled Said trial was extremely symbolic for what it is happening now. You got those convicted of his murder , the two policemen who are standing a retrial are smiling in the cage while those few protesters chanting against the ministry of interior and its brutality beaten and detained for a couple of hours before they were let go.
The young protester
The murderers smiling in their cage
Today the protesters say that the police was attacking as if it had some sort of vendetta with them.An officer told one of the protesters that they had played for 3 years now and it was time to return back to study.
The majority of the people care less now about the trial.
I am not pessimistic, but this is just back to back.Anyhow it is like we are returning back to the starting point. No problem in that at all supposedly that people learned from their mistakes.


  1. im sorry but what the people did now getting rid of morsi like that was very STUPID i hope they are happy now in this madness.

    1. Morsi is a criminal (he should be taken to the International court at the Hague) as he incited his followers to torch Egypt and they did and this would make him a criminal and a terrorist he was also a liar (he lied on his resume) and he wanted to give away parts of Egypt to Sudan and to Hamas and he was making 300,000 pounds per month (how much money do you make per month anonymous? I can assure you it is not 300,000 pounds)

      If Egyptians did not learn something from their experience with el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen including that mixing religion and politics is a disaster then Egyptians are beyond help

      Best thing that Egyptians did was to get rid of this terrorist organization called the MB but I do not believe that the MB should be banned after all you defeat evil which the MB is in the market place of ideas

  2. do you feel sectarian tension on a daily basis on teh streets?

  3. You see, anonymous. You put a stupid comment, and you get back another stupid comment. That is Egypt now, unfortunately. Millions who don't read, don't understand, don't analyze, and don't work, but never shy of posting such stupid comments.

    And if that is not enough, we get some stupid outsiders, highjacking these pages, and repeating the same garbage, day after day, until they start believing that they are on the side of the truth. Elh.

  4. Unfortunately, little is changing in Egypt. It will take decades, and very strong, fair, respected, loved, and knowledgable leadership to affect any change in this country. That may happen through what is called democracy, but that is also no guarantee. Americans had "democracy" from the start, but that didn't prevent them from slaughtering many, enslaving many more, and stealing what was never their's.

    The police in Egypt is under no one control, not even any recent president or acting president. They do it their way, or do nothing at all. They just sit and collect their money, and give away more money to tens of thousands of thugs available for hire to anyone willing to pay. In every small gathering, there are fifteen demonstrators, and thirty thugs working to control them. These thugs were paid one day by those two policemen who are smiling inside this cage, and are now paid by other policemen who are laughing outside the cage.

    The judges (Sawqi Ismael, Mahmoud Mubarak, Mostafa Rashad), three high ranking people, sit and listen and order another postponing. We had four so called presidents, and two so called revolutions, since this case was put on trial, and the courts are not yet able to make a decision. Every one sit, collect money, talks big, sleeps well, and do nothing. One got killed (Khaled Saed), and two supposedly killers (Mahmoud Salah and Awad Soliman), and we just sit and wait for a disfunctional court to act, and for a honest leadership to do something about it.

    And the Photos speak for themselves! Elh.

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    أميني الشرطة‏‏ محمود صلاح وعوض سليمان مخبري قسم سيدي جابر
    خالد سعيد


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