Thursday, October 10, 2013

It is a bird , it is plane ,it is Sisi-Man

I do not know what to say actually except this cartoon published in Al Akhbar newspaper today and it was enough to turn your stomach upside down from the amount of hypocrisy.
The cartoon
Do not be astonished  , this is not an American film , this is El Sisi man saving El Mahrousa "aka Egypt" before she falls !!
Ok I think El Sisi-Man and Egypt had this cheesy moment
Despite I respect the style of Mustafa Hussein and I showed some of his work in my blog, I can not ignore that he is a big hypocrite when it comes to kissing the president/ruler’s ass. He got shameful long history. “Thanks to Doaa Sultan


Mubarak in the heart of Egypt
From Mubarak to Morsi to Sisi
Al Akhbar is a state owned newspaper still what you see as a cartoon describing the general is actually the norm nowadays in the Egyptian newspapers from hypocrisy and idol worshiping when it comes to the General who should save Egypt and run as a president !!
By the way a dear friend raised an important issue today that Superman is not from this earth thus he is not an Egyptian and he can not run then. I do not know if that applies on Sisi-Man.


  1. Kissing ass is one of the best past time activities in Egyptian media.

  2. Perhaps this is meant in an ironic sense - he is being portrayed as a super hero, but we all know that Superman does not actually exist?

  3. Egyptians in general have a wonderful sense of humor which will get them through every difficulty :)

  4. The problem is that Egyptians are accustomed to day dreaming and that someone will take responsibility on behalf of the masses and solve their problems and feed them gold.People cannot see any civilian which can fill this role and are not prepared to to take responsibility of their own destiny.Hope we learn from the British who decided to retire Winston Churchill after saving the UK from Hitler.

  5. When I first saw this I thought it was ironic. An example of Egyptian sense of humour. To my horror and dismay I realise it is just another case of base and abject ass kissing. When will they ever learn. Haven't they had enough personality cult after 60 years of pure bullshitting? N.B. Did you you know there is El Sisi in chocolate at some café in Cairo. I give up....


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