Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#9Oct #Maspero : We Will not Forget

Today is the second anniversary of the Maspero massacre.Today we remember the awful massacre where a peaceful protest “was the first in the history of Egypt to be granted a permission from the government” ended up with army VPCs running over 28 bodies of the protesters.
Unlike last year grand commemoration that included a long march from Shubra to Maspero in a breathtaking procession with chants rocking against the military and SCAF , this year revolutionaries only had a very small vigil compared to last year commemoration.
I saw its start at October bridge , the flags of the martyrs headed by Mina Danial in the sunset. It was a beautiful scene.
I recorded this shot video clip for that small protest there.
#Maspero : For the martyrs.
The vigil was for couple of hours at Maspero building.There were chants against Military and MB.
Here is a photo gallery in Storify which I am adding photos to.

Here is also a video by dear friend Simon Hana showing the vigil and the small protest.
Egypt marks 2nd anniversary of Maspero Massacre
After that another small group of protesters tried in vein to enter in Tahrir square but they were met with gunfire and police as well army closing the square in front of their faces arresting some of them.
Yes Tahrir square is now officially a forbidden zone for the revolutionaries and protesters even if they are not Muslim brotherhood members.
The Maspero Youth Union and other Christian groups decided not to participate in this year commemoration because they did not the Muslim brotherhood to hijack the protest and the vigil.Ironically in tonight’s vigil people chanted against the Muslim brotherhood.
This is another dilemma because now people fear to organize protests for fear the Muslim brotherhood would hijack. Last week I heard a friend saying that it was better for the Muslim brotherhood to stop protesting for awhile so the revolutionaries would go to the street safely. Unfortunately I disagree with that point of view because peaceful protesting is the universal right , you can not take it from people and also you can not give it up.
Sadly enough now many Egyptian Christians nowadays believe that the army is innocent and that the massacre happened because of the third party aka The Muslim brotherhood.
Indeed there are lots of question marks about how things evolved in to a massacre in Maspero on that bloody night yet one thing for sure Hamdy Badin is not a Muslim brotherhood member nor that those soldiers who ran over the protesters are not Muslim brotherhood member, Anchorwoman Rasha Magdy is not a Muslim brotherhood and the soldiers who stormed buildings specifically Cairo Sat searching for Christians were not Muslim brotherhood members. You can not whitewash everything .
It is recorded history in video and photos , it was being eye witnessed. People can not forget. Of course now people say that we can not incriminate the whole army for what happened. Well it is true but you can not ignore the fact that no commandership had been questioned or presented to justice. The soldiers were accused of manslaughter and got very slight punishment compared to the horror and sadness they caused.
As far as I could tell the Muslim brotherhood and the Islamists stood besides SCAF in this crisis and they are paying the price now. to be honest I believe the Islamists especially the Muslim brotherhood are paying the price of their silence and their support to what happened to the Christians in Maspero. I am so sorry but yes there is Karma and as people of religion they should stand besides the weak but they did not and they do not want to admit it.

By the way as Maspero aka the Egyptian National TV building is also celebrating the anniversary of massacre in a very special way.
Maspero Massacre for those who forgot
The infamous newsreader Rasha Magdy that from two years urged the Egyptians to save the Egyptian army from the Christians read the 9 PM news just like from two years ago.
Rasha reading the news on October 9,2013
I swear to God we have not forgotten and we will not forget. 


  1. Zeinobia: I suspect that not many showed up because Egyptians are exhausted from all the disasters of the past two years
    I wonder did that despicable woman Rasha Magdi ever apologized to the families of those that lost their lives? Did even SCAF apologize to these families? Rasha Magdi is a criminal and she got away with it. I can assure you that if this would have happened in the West she would have been in mega legal trouble because inciting violence is criminal
    As for Mina Daniel he will always be in our hearts and may he rest in peace

  2. The response to the most recent Maspero march shows that those responsible for killing the hero Mina Daniel and many others feel no remorse whatsoever about the massacre.


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