Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The big Operetta to crown a New Pharaoh

Yesterday the morale department of the armed forces presented its big operetta to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the October war.

The big event was attended by the minister of defense “the big star of the event” , the interim president , the ministers, former first lady Jihan El Sadat and former minister of defense and head of SCAF Hussein Tantawy.

It was not actually an operetta or an event to commemorate the great war and its heroes but it was actually a coronation gala for the new pharaoh of Egypt Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

Let’s start with the operetta. Let’s analysis the scene piece by piece.

Almost the guests, the singers and actors participating in that piece of .. “something definitely not related to Art” are the old faces of Mubarak’s regime hypocrites. Once again we are back to the Northern Korean-Soviet Nationalist 1960s talentless operettas. The lyricist and the singers and the actors are from the old ass kissing Mubarak’s hypocrites. Talentless and tasteless thing they claim to be art and I see it a waste of money when Egypt is in deep economic crisis.

And as we have replaced the Qatari sponsorship with Emirati Sponsorship , we find famous Emirati singer Hussein El Jasmi singing in the operetta with whiney voice urging the general to run for the elections. I just want to say to El Jasmi if he loves the general so much , he can urge him for the elections in his own country !!!

In a side note I can not tolerate anymore the Emirati interfere in Egypt’s affairs in the same way I could not tolerate the Qatari interfere in Egypt.

Of course the operetta could not end without using the wise words and his voice of the general inserted in so called dramatic way.

You got also the words of admiration from actors about the general like for instance Hussein Fahmy who spoke admirably about the general in very cheesy way. Amazingly last time I checked Fahmy is a hardcore royalist who curses the day of 23 July and Nasser showed up in Egypt.

Now moving to the guests scene. It was clearly that the real ruler of Egypt in that gala party was none other than the military commander sitting besides the interim president.

The VIP booth included a very famous guest , former field marshal Tantawy who is actually considered the so-called godfather of El Sisi. Of course if he were so , he would not be attacked crazily and madly in the media two hours later.

Interestingly former chief of Staff Sami Anan was not among the VIP guests. Needless to say that Anan and Tantawy are presented as the villains now in Egypt who sold the country to the Muslim brotherhood.

To the big general’s speech , an emotional speech winning the hearts more than the minds of the audience as usual.

Another side note Jihan El Sadat was the only woman sitting besides interim president and the army commander. No other lady was in the VIP booth neither El Sisi’s wife nor Mansour’s wife. 

As someone who truly and honestly loves the 6 October war anniversary , I feel that that operetta or to be accurate the whole event is an insult to the war and its heroes. I am really sorry for them because in time of Mubarak , it was all about him while in time of Morsi , it was all about his achievements in 100 days and it seems that the upcoming years it will be about General El Sisi who did not fight this war.

“Abdel Fatah El Sisi is the next president” said Abdullah El Sannawy , the famous Nasserite writer and journalist said so the next day. Those NDP Pro-Military led popular El Sisi for presidency campaigns claim that they gathered about 7 million signatures to urge the general to run in the presidential elections. The media is sending one message to the people , there is no one better than El Sisi to rule Egypt and the people are buying this as far as I could tell.

Interestingly those fools do not know that they are proving to the world that what happened in Egypt was a coup and Abdel El Sisi is just another Middle Eastern Augusto Penuche. It would be the same scenario but unlike Chile , Egypt is doomed by the pharaoh/presidential/savior/Just dictator cult that needs a divine miracle to end it.

I told you the war anniversary is ruined for me. This is not how I imagined Egypt after February 2011.


  1. Our current situation is very depressing , both the pro military and to the pro phony islamist are pulling the country to a very dark path. There is no pro democracy movement to balance the forces of darkness. The scum of the society are floating to the top while Egypt it self is sinking. I am afraid we deserve it , we must be bastards. I am not sure though what to make of Tamarud, is there any hope in them ?

  2. The events of October 6 are but a glimpse of what will unfold if Sisi is allowed to become the president. The forces attempting to propel him to that office will guarantee that such a presidency would go down in flames are producing an ocean of bloodshed.

  3. Gen. Sisi is more honourable than the bitch of a mother who slithered you out of her disgusting vagina you cunt. All your work has been destroyed, you and all the other traitorous "Jan25 activist crowd"

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Interesting comparison to Chile. However: Sisi/new NDP hasn't killed Morsi yet (unlike Allende); and are they creating desparesitos ("disappeared ones") instead of publicly killing MB supporters? Also, will the military regime pursue the neoliberal policies that made Pinoche beloved of the United States?

    3. Can you believe the comment from the miserable Anonymous here? I read her posts regularly and find them very insightful for a non-Egyptian reader. It seems that the Egyptian military is not the same folks whose soldiers fought so bravely on behalf of their country in the previous wars. Rather like a waste of their sacrifice. Thank you Ms. Zeinobia. Up your foul wazoo, Anonymous! - The Other Anonymous

  4. Dear Zenobia,
    I'm happy to find an Egyptian girl sharing this point of view. Thanks to share it with your readers

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