Friday, October 11, 2013

#Oct1973War : The lessons We Failed to learn after 40 years !!

Thousands headed to the streets allegedly to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 6 October War by the orders of the interim president , army , Muslim brotherhood , the Church , parties to the end of that to get the party on or accurately to get on with their own political agendas.

None of them tried to learn from the political lessons Egypt learned in a very expensive in 6 years of war.
I am afraid we are repeating the mistakes we have committed in 1967 and forgot all the reasons on why we made it in 1973.

Let’s start with the media, we got the same Ultra-hypocrite lying propaganda machine of 1967 working effectively in 1973 !! Joseph Goebbels would be impressed by the amount of propaganda this nation has produced whether in 1967 or in 2013 to be honest !!!

When I look to the headlines of the newspapers on 7 October 1973 and the headlines of the early editions of the newspapers on 6 June 1967, I see that someone had learned a tough lesson.

Do you know that people did not believe the Egyptian radio and TV news on 6 October 1973 and had to hear the news from Israeli radio Arabic service as well Monte Carlo Arabic radio service !? Do you know that for 6 years Israel seized this to send its poison propaganda in its radio service !?

 Now moving to how some people insist to make the army get involved in politics.
Of course, the army’s commandership denies that it is involving in politics despite they are involved in politics whether you deny or not.
Field Marshal El-Gamsy 
I will not say anything in this point. In fact ,I quote will Late Field  Marshal Abdel Ghanay El Gamasy , one of the Greatest military men in Egypt that earned the respect of his enemies before his supporters.
The military man has never been good for politics ever. We were defeated in 1967 because the army men were busy with the games of politics, and thus they could not find anything to present in the war field.
I will not say more in this particular point except that the original Egyptian Field Marshal who is
labelled as "The Skinny spooky officer said".

Making the army a state above the accountability in the state was another reason why we were defeated in 1967.
If there were a true accountability for the army and its commanders in 1956 or after Yemen war , if there were a true accountability and reports to the parliament we would have spared our country and the Arab world a defeat we suffer its complications up till now.

Of course needless to say that in 1967 there was no true democracy or parliamentary accountability but let's remember we had an opportunity to have democracy through the ill-fated 1954 constitution. The army has got that special status in the constitution to the level that it can not be questioned about anything.

The pro-army says that the army wants to protect itself from presidents with bad political agendas but the question here what if we had incompetent army commanders with their own political agenda like for instance Abdel Hakim Amar. For God's sake we are speaking about humans !!

Turning the president into a holy idol that does not make a mistake, that can not be questioned or criticised is another reason on why we had a disaster in 1967. 

Do I need to talk on  how Nasser was turned into a false idol !? Do I need to speak on how in 2013 the media is turning general Abdel Fatah El Sisi into another Nasser. No president had that status of an Egyptian idol pharaoh like Nasser and I am afraid El-Sisi is doing it again. 

Ultra-Nationalism  made the Egyptians blind leading them to their defeat in 1967.
With our arrogance, the media and the regime made the Egyptians including army soldiers and officers think that Egypt would erase Israel and kick the Americans' asses because we were smarter than anyone else.

In 1973, the political and army commandership were realistic and dealt with the matter accordingly.

I write this and all what I think about are the martyrs of the 1973 and before them the martyrs of 1967 as well feeling sad that after 40 years we have failed to learn our lessons.

Our foolish arrogance and ignorance as well do not allow us to read from our past and to learn from our mistakes.
 Our foolish arrogance and ignorance also do no not allow to learn from other countries’ experiences and history because you know we are the greatest and smartest !!


  1. Institutions based upon the veneration of violence, as in militaries, militias, and certain kinds of security organizations, naturally attract people with a psychological fixation on the accumulation and maintenance of power. This is why they are such a fecund source of dictatorship, totalitarianism, and entitlement mentality toward wealth and power.

    This psychology exists in other types of organizations, but what is happening now is a direct exposure of it as it emanates from institutions dedicated to violence. The economic elite version is more subtle and less crude. But it is necessary either way to look at the underlying mentality to comprehend why some individuals cling to power and privelege with such ferocity.

    Now that militarists and ex-NDPists have made such inroads again, they will shed blood to resist being dethroned from positions of privelege.

  2. Well said. The biggest problem we have today is that we have had more than 60 years living with a common enemy: Israel. We had a common religious majority: Islam. This generation has never had the opportunity to "differ" about significsnt opinions because we all believed in the same thing more or less. Today we are a generation that is no longer in conflict with Israel and no longer have a dictator in Mubarak. The fact we have so many opposing opinions over the last 2 years and no longer have common enemies means we are confronting each other with our differences, and we have no experience in doing so. Living abroad (Australia) has taught me to accept significant differences in societry that have us constantly justifying our believe and way of life. it has helped us articulate our opinions in a mature and sophisticated manner. This period in Egypt's history is a hard lesson for us to get experience in dealing with opposing opinions. We are failing with false accusations and animosity even amongst our own family members. We need to step up in maturity and understand how to deal with our differences


  3. Adel wrote and for the readers: this is the real disaster of Egypt: there is too much religion that is nauseating

    >We had a common religious majority: Islam.

    Your "hub" should be not be to a religion but to your homeland Egypt and to the country where you live Australia.

    Islam neither gives you a homeland nor does it educate or employ or feed you or any other religion for this matter.

    Religion is faith and it should be placed where it belongs in the spiritual and not the profane spheres of life. Good for you that you are Muslim but that does not mean very much except to you and the fact that 90% of Egyptians happen to be Muslim does not mean that they all share the same ideas or even agree on anything. Just think of the schism between the Shia and the Sunni Muslims or between liberal/secular and jihadi and takferee Muslims in Egypt

    If all Egyptians agree life would be boring

    Stop blaming the Jews and grow up

    1. Blaming the Jews? Religion is faith? what on earth are you talking about.

      I think you need to re-read my comment and try and understand it a little better before blowing up in frustration about whatever you think i was talking about.

      People on a day to day basis in Egypt live simple lives and interact with others who have always had the same political opinions for the last 6 decades. Their common enemy at one time was Israel (because we were at war with them).

      Our common enemy shifted because we were no longer in open warfare and a whole generation has passed since we had zeal for an external entity. The only common enemy we had was Mubarak subsequent to that.

      Now there is no common enemy and many people are showing so many different perspectives on how Egypt should be run. Before this, it was "defeat Israel" then "oust Mubarak", now there are so many greys that nothing is as easy as saying there should be ONE way to rule the country.

      But that in itself is not the problem. The problem is that now we actually have these vast contrasts of opinions and no one is willing to accept the other's differences. Why? because we havent been confronted with significant differences in the political sphere for the last 6 decades. We dont know how to confront each other with our differences.

      Is that really too hard to understand? Or are you going to argue about something else totally irrelevant?

  4. There is an old cartoon that was popular in the 1970s in America. It was called POGO and little "Pogo" was a beaver I think, an animal. He said, "I have met the enemy and he is us" . Here is Pogo:

    I see he was a possum and not a beaver. You can find his picture if you search on google, "Pogo images, I seen the enemy"

  5. ما اشبه اليوم بالبارحة..!


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