Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And this is how You mix religion with politics my dear

It was a fact that Constitution 2012 edition was enforcing the engagement of Religion in the state.Another fact the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies from Islamists including Nour party then used religion to promote for that constitution just
Myth says that 30 June uprising/revolution/wave/protests was/were against the Muslim Brotherhood and against the use of religion in politics and here I say it is a myth because I see the current ruling regime and its supporters shamelessly use religion in promoting for the Constitution 2013 edition.
Just yesterday Sheikh Ali Goma’a , our former Mufti said that those who would go to vote in the constitution referendum were supported by God !! He also added that we should all mobilize and say yes in order to astonish the world !!
New Old Nour Party's Constitution ad !!
He also added that the Constitution 2013 edition was against corruption and was against atheism !!!!!!! Yes against atheism so believers who want to fight that wave of atheism should vote for the constitution !!
Tell me what is the difference between Ali Goma’a and all the other MB sheikhs that said similar stuff about Constitution 2012 edition and the Constitution 1971 edition amendments referendum !? Of course this is not the first time Goma’a mix religion with politics , he has not stopped since July 26.
Even Nour Party is repeating the same old ads it used in 2012 claiming that Constitution 2013 in order to keep the Islamic identity and reference of the State. Its founder and famous Salafist preacher Yasser El Borhamy says that Constitution 2013 edition is better than Constitution 2012 edition !! 
Anyhow I hate to break the news to all of you , nobody for real knows what God thinks of this constitution or whether the Almighty is standing with this group or that group. Do not use the Lord in your useless endless disgusting earthly power fights.
And I remember Sheikh Emad Effet May Allah bless his soul and wonder why we are stuck in this world with sheikhs like El Borhmay , Goma’a and of course the MB’s religious band of Sheikhs !! The Lord only knows !! 
We hoped that after June 30 that mix of religion with politics to be stopped but we were naive as it seems. 


  1. As long as the political game remains a zero-sum, life and death struggle, any and every conceivable argument, strategy, tactic, or technique that can be employed in the service of advancing political agendas will be utilized by various factions. Since many of the leading political forces, especially the formal state and its associated deep state, firmly interpret the political arena as a stage on which hostile forces must be destroyed through any means possible, the political system will remain extremely dysfunctional.

    It is quite strange that leading politicians and media figures fervently contend that political dissidents are sub-humans who existence should be terminated as fast as possible. They would declare their puppet Sisi as a religious, political, and national messiah (or even a deity) if they could get away with it and convince people to believe it. Given the qualitative difference between lifeless forms of religiosity and types that actually uplift the mind of a practioner, it is easy to note that the elite's behavior is extremely unSufi-like, no matter what they claim.

  2. Ali Goma’a and all the other sheikhs never talked to God. They give their personal opinion about religious matters and sell it to us as 'God's wishes'


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