Sunday, December 1, 2013

Surreal Photos and News From the Land of the pyramids

We are living in surreal days in Egypt thus we have daily surreal photos and news. Today’s dose was extensive one considering all the action we had since early morning.

A Photo for the torched police vehicle at Nahdat Misr statue today by Mahmoud Khaled in today’s Cairo University protests.

A Photo for Tahrir square showered by tear gases by friend and talented photographer Mosa’ab El Shamy.


A Photo from Talaat Harb street at once most expensive furniture department store Pontermoli where an officer fires something at the MB protesters and another citizen I presume to be an officer in plain clothes giving them the finger !!

The Media branch of our glorious human rights loving Ministry of interior Facebook Page presents its condolence to the United States , its embassy and the family of late Paul Walker for his tragic death !!

Ironically some guys on twitter who are now supporting the MOI are saying that this is actually a MB page claiming to be a MOI one. Well the MOI did not close this page which got now SMS service too !!

Youm 7 claimed that it interviewed Sharon Stone and the Hollywood star told Youm 7 that Al Jazeera is a US tool that implemented the wicked US plans against Arab regimes !!

This video was filmed last Tuesday at New Cairo police station where No 4 Military trials protesters were held all night long. A new revolutionary protester singing the famous Mohamed Monier song “An Egyptian Tale” to the CSF conscripts and officers. Please watch it till the end. My mom told me that there was hope after all in that video.

Egyptian Tale

A police officer shot 4 times a young teenager after some sort of car crash in the working class area of Amiriya tonight. Cars’ collision , the teenager and the officer got in to verbal fight then officer got his gun .. bang bang bang and the teenager was shot down.The teenager comes from a big influential family there , they wanted to kill the officer who escaped to the police station , they got the officer from the police station and beat the crap out of him. The police saved the police officer who is in coma now !! 

The constitution is passed we will have a new president and constitution within 90 days. It is the constitution of the June 30 revolution according to the media.

Good luck and Good night.


  1. Paul Walker died really??!!
    Then what about the Egyptians that murdered everyday??
    anyway, whatever done it's not good thing to burn cars and buildings, it in our land and our country.

  2. Really? Is it true that he was died? Its not good to do anything in violence. Its our country and more than that it is one of the best tourism place where so many people come to in vacation and this work will create a bad impression on them. So we have to stop this type of work.


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