Sunday, December 22, 2013

The #Jan25 now in Nutshell : Sunday The 22nd

Early Sunday  : Cairo misdemeanor court sentences April 6 leading figures Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel and revolutionary activist Ahmed Douma to three years in jail and a LE50,000 fine each on charges including organizing illegal protests and attacking security forces at Abdeen Court.
Veto Gate : Douma , Maher and Adel chant down with the military rule after the verdict.
As a reaction the April 6 Youth movement announced that it withdrew from the roadmap. The revolution way Front announced that it would organize a stand tomorrow in solidarity with the revolutionary activists standing trials including those three.
Of course April 6 Youth is now in a very critical position considering the fact that it is being defamed 24/7 in the media as the MB’s civilian secular undercover movement and how it is a foreign funded movement…etc. No much sympathy when you are defamed 24/7 in the media and all people are attacking you.
Felol and Pro-military tweeps and Facebookers are extremely happy for this verdict as they see it the start to the end of those “25 January dogs” who are trying to bring down the state. 

 It is first stage sentence which means that there could be an appeal. Nevertheless it feels bitter , too bitter to be exact. It is worth to mention that it is the first in a series of upcoming trials Jan25 Non Islamist activists are standing including Alaa Abdel Fatah’s trial in front of the criminal court and Mahinour Al Masry and Hassan Mostafa’s trial in Alexandria.
Sunday Afternoon : Suez activist Bassem Mohsen died in hospital  in Cairo after being shot Friday in the clashes between the Pro-Morsi supporters and security forces.

Late Bassem Mohsen
Late Bassem Mohsen in the true manifestation of the Egyptian revolution. One of the unknown faces that went on 28 January 2011 in search for bread,freedom and social justice. The young man lost his eye in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November 2011 during SCAF. In early days of Morsi’s rule , he was facing a military trial in Suez. In late Morsi’s rule Bassem Mohsen protested against the Muslim Brotherhood and was one of Tamaroud’s local leading members in Suez.
On Friday he was shot and of course the MB and security forces are exchanging accusations on who killed that young revolutionary. Bassem was transferred last night from Suez to Cairo in extremely critical condition because there was not a neurological surgeon there. In the way the ambulance found that they forgot the blood packets needed for Bassem’s surgery back in Suez and people demanded online for blood donations.
Today Bassem Mohsen died.
Bassem yesterday in the ICU just like Jan25
 Bassem Mohsen is the true son of 25 January revolution .. and Egypt , the Egypt that devours its children.

Late Sunday The presidency assigns a fact finding committee for violence since 30 June 2013. Photos circulating on Facebook and twitter for 2014calendars and agenda where the 25 January 2014 is officially considered the National Day for Police. Back to back , nothing about that protest in Tahrir from 3 years ago that turned in to uprising then in to a revolution that inspired other countries.
I do know how or what to say except next 25 January 2014 , it will be very hard just like today.


  1. What are the presidential candidates going to say? Will Hamdeen Sabahi demand the release of the democratic heroes? Will he condemn the state terrorists who are persecuting them? The dividing chasm is growing and neutrality or playing both sides will not remain viable much longer.

    What will the liberals, the socialists, and others do? Can they accept a verdict of condemnation against their democratic revolution? Do they value democracy and human rights or is their true goal the political genocide of their opponents? Will they accept their own future butchery that the militarist fascists will inevitably conduct against them once the more democratic forces are gone?

    Will they continue to mindless interpret the political conflict as supposedly be mostly a religious conflict, or will they accept the grim reality of what is actually going on?

    "Conditional" rights is a contradiction of terms. Rights and liberties cannot be made conditional and continue to exist in any meaningful sense.

    The fans of the police state are a hopeless case. However, those who claim to be democrats, revolutionaries, or liberals should think very carefully about what kind of Egypt they want to create and how much of the fanatical mindset they actually are infected with. Are they actually any more tolerant than the MB or the others forces they have been accusing of treason and foreign inspired conspiracies? To much of the world, they are starting to look worse. Not to mention the fact that the "stability" and "prosperity" that they promised is a complete hoax.

    The spark for the 2011 revolution came from individuals who understood the how nonviolent political change could be brought about begin a process for representative government, equal rights, bread, freedom, and dignity.

    Those who are betraying and abandoning the April 6 movement (the most important faction in bringing about the changes) should consider carefully how they are spitting on their own legacy that inspired the world in 2011, what was a truly remarkable event.

  2. Nobody saw that coming. Except, I dunno, everyone. There is a reason you don't use a military coup to get rid of a leader. Maybe the next generation can learn some lessons from all this when they try to shake of Mubarakism in 30 years. This crop of clowns has about had it.

  3. You forgot to mention that mohsen was released after morsi released military-sentenced people


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