Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A message to Whom It may Concern From Wael Ghonim

Wael Ghonim is back.
The famous Egyptian activist published yesterday a statement on his official Facebook page and it was an important one. It was about the leaks of his alleged phone calls on Al Kahera Wal Nas. It is his first after complete silence since 3 July 2013. It was a message for all those supporting him.
Ghonim announced that despite he decided to quit writing and expressing his views publicly upon the request of his family he returned to tackle this matter and to defend himself in front of any accusation upon the request of his family as well. He is going to take a legal action against the channel and Ali for fabricating those phone calls.
Earlier this week Abdel Rahim aired alleged phone calls for Wael Ghonim on Al Kahera Wal Nas as part of his Black Box TV show leaks. All those who heard the calls and still use their brains found nothing incriminating Ghonim. All that Ali was doing actually was interpreting the phone calls according to his twist mind or rather according to the script given to him.
Anyhow you can read it in Arabic below, it is long and it is worth to be read until the end.

I will translate part of it only because it is too long :
I hope that everyone doubts my integrity and my patriotism to ask his questions to lots of public figures, from the same political current he follows especially those figures I met and spoke with in an attempt to search for solutions from crises and to unite back Egyptians rejecting division, fight, violence and control of power. Ask General Sisi, Major-general Asar, Major-general Mahmoud Hegazy, Majory general Mourad Mowafi. Ask the Sheikh of Al Azhar and the Pope of the Church as well many of the icons in those two Egyptian religious institutions. Ask the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and their youth. Ask the Salafist leaders and their politicians. Ask Dr. ElBaradei, Amr Moussa, Dr. Ahmed El Borai, Dr. Ahmed Said and Dr. Mostafa Hegazy. Ask lots of writers, thinkers, intellectuals and the youth I know closely away from the intended defamation in the media.
25th January activists with Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
good old days, Ghonim and #Jan25 gang with El Sisi
I had meetings and calls with all those with no self-interest except to see a nation for everybody in a democratic state that competes for the advanced world’s countries. All those I met according to one agenda: To protect the Egyptian blood. All those know that I was never seeking to demolish but rather to build and was never planning to corrupt but rather to reform. They know that I never used those meetings to market myself in order to create fame or to insult anyone.

By the way, the ministry of interior denied having a relationship with those phone recordings.
The mobile phone operators did the same thing. So we do not know officially who recorded these phone calls.
I hoped that Ghonim would return back and reactive the Kolena Khaled Said Facebook Page especially the original Khaled Said trial is back to square one where the defendants' lawyers “Khaled’s murderers” are accusing his family of fabricating the charges and working for the United States and Zionism.
Some say that it is not about the constitutional referendum but rather to shut up any future opposition voice and any voice calling for revolution or rebellion by defaming the original revolution icons and faces well known in the media.

Interestingly the persons defamed so far were considered the most moderate among the revolutionary forces and movements to the level they were always attacked and accused of being reformists and not revolutionaries. These names can appeal to the public because they are not too shockingly revolutionary like other figures.
Anyhow, I expect that there were more leaks coming in the way, its climax will be I suppose next 24 January 2014.

Abdel Rahim Ali and Tarek Nour, the owner of the channel are still defying the law and allegedly will air more leaks tomorrow Thursday.
Advertising tycoon Nour and Ali feel too free and calm despite they are breaking the law as they are supported by the deep security state.
Regardless of what they think now, one day they will pay the price sooner or later whether according to the law or according to the divine law aka Karma.
Oh yes, I believe in Karma now more than any time and when it comes no one will defend them.


  1. Thank you for the translation, Zeinobia. Can I correct the first sentence, which makes a big difference:

    "I hope that anyone who doubts my integrity and my patriotism will put his questions to ... etc"

  2. Yes, thank you for the translation. So awful, to see and there right in the background is El Sisi, the General. Is he licking his chops? Waiting for the "right moment?" He got it unfortunately for Egyptians and the Revolution.


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