Friday, January 24, 2014

And vloggers are more dangerous than terrorists in Egypt

 As if this day does not want to end , Egyptian filmmaker and vlogger Aalam Wassaf has not been arrested for no clear reason. This afternoon police searched his house downtown Cairo for three hours before he was arrested along with his Swiss friend Iris Ott. According to Khaled Abdullah , the founder of Mosireen the two are detained at Kasr Al Nil police station.  Updated at 12:28 AM both Aalam and Iris are released. It is unclear why they were detained. 
Alam Wasaf is a member in Mosireeen and has got his own satirical YouTube channel.
Also Do you remember the case of Ahmed Anwar , the Egyptian vlogger sued in 2013 by the ministry of interior for his clip criticizing the ministry in 2012 ??
Well guess what on Thursday he was sentenced 3 months in jail and a 10,000 LE fine for ““insulting the interior ministry” and “deliberately provoking others using the internet.” !! oh yes insulting the interior and provoking others using the internet according to Tanta’s Economic Misdemeanour Court. Anwar will appeal the court verdict.
Someone is scared from satire and 5 minutes clips as it seems. 
It seems to me that vloggers are more dangerous than terrorists in the eyes of the MOI which does not want to admit its failure in fighting terrorism for real and is trying to stalk the revolution youth in a way or another. 
By the way I think constitutionally people should be informed on why they arrested from their homes, at least this is what the new constitution says according to my knowledge.
Happy #Jan25 guys. 

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