Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : Journalism is not Terrorism Indeed

Today not less than 180 journalists in Kenya held a protest in solidarity with the detained Al Jazeera International journalists in Egypt especially in specific Australian Peter Greste.
Greste , the award winning journalist was the correspondent  of AJE in Kenya and so his colleagues there organized the protest. The foreign Correspondents association in East Africa organized along other journalists at the Egyptian embassy in Nairobi. The protesters held signs and banners saying that Journalism is not terrorism and that "We are all Peter Greste" 

The journalists tried to hand over books and letters to Greste to the Egyptian embassy staff but the one of the embassy's officials told them they can not because they do not interfere in judiciary and so on. 
Anyhow the deputy ambassador got a copy from a letter by the protesters demanding the release of the detained journalists as far as I understand.
Interestingly  the Kenyan police was going to disperse the protest but the protesters brought up the Kenyan Constitution.  What I know that those journalists in Kenya are much respectable then their counterpart in Egypt.

 The protest is part of a viral campaign to Free Al Jazeera"#FreeAJStaff". Journalists from around the world also have sending their images all day long from around the globe to show their support and solidarity with the trio "Fadel , Baher and Greste"
Thanks to the disgusting video given by the security to its journalist Ahmed Moussa and Tahrir TV , the campaign is fueled by anger as well determination. 
This video was unbelievably shocking and disgusting.

First of all I do not think it is constitutionally correct to interrogate any person without his lawyer. Second since when cameras and laptops are evidence of criminal intentions. It is just wrong and disgusting on many levels. By the way is it legal for Tahrir TV to use the Thor theme like that when it owned by Marvel !? Nevertheless all the admiration to Mohamed Fadel for real.By the way all people intend to forget Baher Mohamed , please do not forget him.

If it is really about broadcasting false news , well I am sorry all Egyptians TV channels and newspapers as well news agencies including MENA broadcast false news that are affecting the social peace for real 24/7.By the way even for Egyptian journalists now it is hard to do our job. You can not go with your camera and film or take photos easily now because both people and security are mad over cameras even if you have permits.

Last week we found out that 20 journalists including Fadel , Baher  and Peter  were referred to criminal court for allegedly working terrorist organisation "MB" and harming national unity and social peace by broadcasting news after being detained for a month in inhuman conditions.If there is anything illegal Fadel , Mohamed and Gretes did , it was actually working without a permit and this is completely different than cooperating and working with a terrorist organization and broadcasting false news.  

They are accusing Mohamed Fadel "Repent11"of being a Muslim Brotherhood member for God sake !!
Security apparatuses know Fadel very well all after all he was one of the experts in Sinai and the active producers in Egypt who was working in producing interviews with top Egyptian officials including Egyptian presidents.I do not know to say that who know Fadel very well and yet are not defending as they should !!
Fadel has a broken shoulder and is detained in the notorious Scorpion jail receiving no medical treatment

Anyhow today we found the Dutch journalist mentioned in the statement of prosecutor last week turned to be wrong and that another Dutch journalist is wanted and that journalist is none other than Rena Netjes who does not work in Al Jazeera international in the first place !! Rena left Egypt and now she is in Netherlands. Ironically Rena was arrested during Morsi and was accused of espionage by angry mob while doing interviews in New Cairo before she was released.

I feel so angry that Egyptian journalists are completely silent over what is happening . Only International Correspondents and news organizations like Christine Amanpour of CNN have been demanding their
By Pete Muller in Nairobi today 
immediate release along other journalists detained in Egypt including Al Jazeera Arabic correspondents
Abdullah El Shamy who was arrested during the Rabaa sit in dispersal while doing his job.

Abdullah El Shamy is on hunger strike now in Tora prison.He is now on the 14th day of his hunger strike. Of course things are bad for him because he was the correspondent of Al Jazeera Arabic TV channel which is so much hated. El Shamy sent letter from Tora prison just like Peter Greste. Here is Abdullah's second letter from Tora. 

The Pro-Military/Pro-Police/Pro-Mubarak supporters are extremely happy for what is happening to Fadel and the rest of journalists. They also think that the government should kick all the foreign correspondents in Egypt and some of them are actually trolling the foreign correspondents on twitter.
Of course those people do not think about the PR Egypt is gaining if we think away of principles and those old fashioned words of democracy and freedom of expression.They do not give a damn after all they think the whole world is conspiring against us and that tourism will come right away. The same old mindset that led to the 1967 defeat.

I do not know how anyone still uses his or her mind believes for one second that Egypt is on the path for democratic transition or reform or anything related to true democracy people died for in the past 3 years.

Updated @ 5/2/2014 : The family of Mohamed Fahmy that he was transferred to Mazrat Tora prison along with Greste and Baher where they are sharing one cell. Mazrat Tora prison is considered the VIP wing in the Tora prisons complex. Mazrat Tora prison wing got prisoners like Mubarak's sons and men. Fahmy has received a blanket for the first time since his detention at Scripon prison , the most uptight secure prison in Tora Prison complex.


  1. Why do many political parties still support this kind of behavior of the "road map" itself? Are they run by idiots? Do they actually think that their new masters will throw them some crumbs in the parliamentary election, or that Sisi's clique will allow them any role in governance? There is even an actress arguing that Sisi should act like Hitler and try to instill fear in the population.

    Sisi is bringing blood, fire, steel, and bullets, not magic and rainbows. The kind of following he has amassed displays behavior more appropriate in children than adults.

    The same argument that no one should be allowed to challenge Sisi will be used again and again in future elections to freeze out political diversity.

  2. Spoke to a Coptic Egyptian yesterday in the U.S. and he was of the mindset (and has been of this mindset) that it's bad, yes; but El Sisi is the best choice for now, as there is no one else. Strange to think this.

    1. Seems like the civil democratic forces would be the best choice for Egyptian Christians. Someone like Ayman Nour, Khaled Ali, or even Hamdeen Sabbahi. Those guys could actually increase religious freedom while also trying to doing something to do the chronic upheaval and deadly social polarization.

      The Sisi crowd seems to just want to keep this political conflict going to distract non-MB, non-military factions from getting anywhere. Not to mention the fact that these same military leaders carried out the Maspero massacre in 2011.

  3. Probably true, since everyone else is too intimidated to run. Sabahi sounds like he won't risk running and it seems that the only opposition will perhaps be a token military figure. This isn't a democracy, you don't get a choice.


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