Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Return of #BassemYoussef on #MBCMasr

And Bassem Youssef has just finished the first episode of his new/old show “Al Bernmag” on MBC Masr and it was one hell of a return back after suspending his show from three months on CBC and ending his contract with that network.
By Rawya Rageh
The episode started with funny Sketch where Bassem hinted out to El Sisi/army mania in a funny way then it was the big show. Youssef and his team slammed CBC and its owner Mohamed El Amin. He also mocked other pathetic TV hosts who were attacking him exposing their overreactions. He claimed that he would
avoid the one who won’t be named showing a silhouetted photo of El Sisi but man he mentioned names several times. . 
In the second segment Bassem continued speaking about the El Sisi-Mania in the Egyptian TV that extended to cooking shows and fashion shows !!
In the last segment Bassem Youssef hosted Cairokee band. The Pro-Revolutionary Band presented songs from its new album “Left lane” which is available now on iTunes. The first two songs were the best representation for what the Pro-Revolutionary generation and class feel right now in Egypt honestly. 
Here is the full episode.

Al-Bernmag : First segment

Al-Bernmag : Second segment

Al-Bernmag : Third segment

Trending for hours now
The Pro-Mubarak/Pro-ElSisi/Pro-Military are mad as usual insisting that Bassem Youssef was irrelevant foreign funded agent who is jealous from El Sisi and so. They are so mad in a way you can not imagine it.
Now whether you hate or love Bassem Youssef , you must admit that he got the highest viewership in Egypt tonight. Everybody was waiting for the show. Now there is viral status on the Facebook that the number of Youssef’s viewers tonight was more than the number of those participated in the latest constitutional referendum.
Now speaking about the numbers  , you must know that both Bassem Youssef and “ElBernmag” hashtags as well “MBC Masr” have been trending for hours now in Arabic and English in Egypt.
Here is map of the trends from Trends Map showing Egypt and its most popular twitter hashtags now.
Trends Map of Egypt tonight
According to Topsy , there were 26, 495 tweets about Bassem Youssef in Arabic alone tonight up till now.
So yeah CBC lost a lot.
I think Bassem Youssef will not start mocking El Sisi personally except when the Field Marshal resigns from his position as the minister of defense and becomes so-called Civilian. It will be the real test for the wannabe Pharaoh and the funny guy. By the way some news websites claimed that Youssef reached to agreement with Saudi MBC group that he would not speak about the Kingdom in his show or about the Egyptian army. These claims were denied by Youssef on his twitter account.


  1. Fascists typically revere three primary gods: nationalism, the state, and the military. Nationalism is a mental god, the military is a physical god, and the state is a hybrid, being a god that is partially mental and partially physical. Their fervor for these deified entities is often no less intense and fundamentalist than that of devout religious people who believe in a spiritual realm.

    The belief of fascists that these three forces are universally and always employed in sacred ways positive to humankind is a faith based assertion. All three can easily be, and often are, turned toward malignant and retrograde purposes. The nature of the fascist mythology is conducive to creating situations in which fascists from different countries fight each other rather than cooperate.

  2. Also, it is very common for fascists to shed blood or imprison "heretics" to defend their belief system. This can be in the so-called Marriott cell case and the constant assaults against even mild unapproved protests. If their perceptions and definitions of truth are questioned, they have a strong predilection toward terming their opponents as "traitors," "agents," and "terrorists," the fascist mental equivalents of unbelievers and outsiders. They consider such people as being beyond the pale, essentially non-human, and worthy of death at any time. Just look at what they say in reaction to rebukes about massacres of political dissidents. They stand condemned by their own mouths and fingers.

  3. Its a tough time for Journalists in Egypt right now. A free press could become less and less feasible, in the near term.
    Oh.... and ......Sisi good!! Sissi very good. Mursi bad!! Mursi very bad
    Maybe thats the way to start every article and every interview for now

  4. for sure he has made an agreement of sorts. There is clearly a line and there is a point at which making fun about superficialities around Sisy actually make him more acceptable. We all have seen the shootings by the masked soldiers from rooftops, from tanks. We have seen the dead bodies bulldozed like rubbish, we know of the thousands in jail being raped and abused, the hundreds killed on route to the jails. etc etc etc.....Sisy sits at the top of this. He is a vile mass murderer a filthy example of a twisted power hungry shaitan. To joke only about his follwers making choclates with his picture almost lets him off the hook. I am a great fan of satire and I live in the UK a lot, the home of political satire. But for all the mocking, sometimes it just becomes part of the system,.....No answers for you just a comment.

  5. One must wonder how long Sisi has been maneuvering and plotting to seize control of the presidency. It is now obvious that it is not a last minute thing decided in 2014, but instead an ambition dating back some lengthier period of time. If his dream to become the president is, literally, inspired by a serious of dreams and goes back decades, then only the most naïve and gullible could possibly believe he is qualified or sufficiently competent to serve in that office. There is no evidence that Sisi has a clue about how to resolve many of the most pressing issues. He could easily be far more disastrous than even his predecessors. It is like being unsuitable for the presidency is an absolute requirement to get the job.

    The disaster he is waiting to loose on Egypt will become even greater than what he is already managing to do. What kind of a leader carries out a coup and then forces himself into the presidency if his goal is to "restored democracy?" The answer is none, because that always is a route to dictatorship.

    Sisi's presidential objectives may date back even further than Hamdeen Sabbahi's; potentially much further. The fact that Sabbahi is imploding Tamarod and sweeping some Sisi supporters away is going to make Sisi even more reliant on felool political and economic terrorists. This "election" will be like a race to seize a poisoned, radioactive chalice.


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