Saturday, February 15, 2014

The story of Dahab

The story of Dahab is sad , simple and revealing on how far the human rights progress have gone so far in Egypt in the transitional period.

Updated at 2:20 PM :

The prosecution has ordered the release of Dahab for her health reason.

Dahab after giving birth last Thursday night
Dahab Hamdy , a 19 years old a pregnant wife with no political affiliation was arrested in Shubra last 14 January during the dispersal of some Pro-MB protest there. Since then the 8 month pregnant was detained in El Amirya police station and the prosecution used to renew her detention 15 days each time pending investigation.
For weeks Dahab Hamdy has been in detention in the police station. During her arrest , some police officer told her that she would give birth for her baby in prison.
Yesterday we found out that Dahab gave birth to baby girl in Zaitoun hospital while she was chained to her bed. She had a c-section by the way. Dahab got a very beautiful baby.
After giving birth to her baby girl , the police wanted to transfer her back to the police station , to the detention despite she needs medical care.
Human rights activist Nermeen Yosri visited her yesterday and today and she was shocked. The police only unchained when she goes to the bathroom after lots of pleas.
Now shockingly Dahab's lawyer told human rights activist Nermeen Yosri that they asked the help of the National council of woman but the Council did not help Dahab because she is accused of being a member in
Baby girl born in detention officially
the Muslim Brotherhood. With my all due respect the National council of woman has failed women in this particular , this is a simple woman that should stand for her rights. The National council of woman that is trying to save the women's rights in time of the Islamists are failing miserably to stand with the right of this young woman who got human rights recognized by the constitution and law for God's sake.
She is not even convicted yet of being a member of a terrorist organization that does not keep official records of its members. Even if she is a MB member , she deserves to be treated as a human.
According to Human rights lawyer and member of the National council of Human rights demanded the ministry of interior to release Dahab from detention.
Dahab today with her baby girl
Here is an interview from the Pro-MB RSSD network with Dahab Hamdy in Zaitoun hospital. Several people online are trying to do noise so the media would care about Dahab and her baby. Already I know some TV hosts are interested in presenting her case and began to talk about her creating some sort of awareness.

The Pro-Military/Pro-Police State/Pro-Mubarak are justifying what happened as usual claiming that suspects in Europe , in UK in particular give birth while they cuffed to their hospital bed !!


  1. a beautiful little baby. I wonder what time she was born and what day?

    I hope they unchain the mom.

  2. I wish we knew what she was saying. We don't speak Arabic.

  3. was she handcuffed during labour?

  4. to spread fear between citizens is to rule Egypt that is what really occur here. the only way to make a 90 milions -country submitted to a dictatorship . such clips serve the target well .

  5. Anonymous yes indeed she was, and it was a Cesarian can you imagine, so outrageous and shameful, she has now been released, due to the outcry of this going viral, also it is exposing the inhumane and cruel treatment of the new Egypt!

  6. Picture for a moment the outcry if any other political faction in Egypt had done this. Can anyone seriously believe that the idiots supporting the barbaric treatment of this women would have praised it had Morsi or even the liberals done this?

    If Morsi had ordered this, it would be taken as a sign of a war against women and impending dictatorship. Now when fascist terrorists do it, millions of nutcases support and condone it.

    I do not support the Ikwan but it is idiotic to deny that many who support the government's policies have flipped flopped in a very sickening way.

    Military fascism is a key source of misogynistic practices and beliefs.


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