Monday, March 10, 2014

#EgyWeather : It is raining and Egypt is drowning as usual

Last night it rained madly and it hailed also ... in March , oh yes. We got thunder , heavy rain and hail in Cairo in March. This says something about climatic change , is not it !?
Last night at 5th settlement by Mohamed Fakhry
Already this heavy rains wave that hit the country started from two days in Upper Egypt and Sinai specially South Sinai. You can imagine how things are considering our infrastructure there. Saint Catherine area which suffers from the heavy rain as usual. Roads and villages in South and Middle Sinai are in a very bad shape.
Here are photos from Saint Catherine by Hassan Nabil from Sinai Now TV channel Facebook page.

This always happens in Saint Catherine Mount area yet the government and governorate do not think in proactive way in some sort of drainage system that survive. The people of Saint Catherine are wondering when the media from the valley will care about them.

Here is a photo from Mid Sinai area as well. 
By Abu Ramy from Sinai Now TV channel FB page
Schools of course are closed there and life is somehow paralyzed. The City of Nuweiba spent a dark night and the port had to be closed last night. Several ports were closed due bad weather across the country yesterday.
Here is also video clips from Dahab after the heavy rain.
After the heavy rain in the city of Dahab
It is a flood actually in Dahab.
Flood in Dahab-1
Flood in Dahab-2
In Dahab "Daniela Village"
In Dahab "Daniela village"
Of course this is nothing compared to happen in Hurghaga where the old airport in the city partially collapsed and leaked rain in the airport.

Also the Hurghada highway had a landslide and honestly I want to know who designed and made this highway.

Whole villages are drowned and cut off the world in Sohag , Upper Egypt as usual.Not  Houses are demolished in Aswan and Assuit.
Assuit "Ahmed Dream"
In Cairo and Giza , well we had hail and rain last night.Lots of them.

We woke up to found big ponds creating even worse traffic jams than the ones we are used too.
No bloody drainage system. It is clearly that each winter we got more rain than usual but what can you say !? Reactive as usual.
Here is a small clip I filmed showing water leaking from October bridge oh yes October bridge.
Is there any maintenance there.
Of course this is the time we are hit in the face once again by our poor the infrastructure and of course there will be no accountability what so ever.
According to the Weather Forecast Authority in Egypt the bad weather conditions will continue next Wednesday. Next Wednesday supposedly will be the climax , a mix of rain and sand storm :S
Two words : Accountability and proactive 

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  1. Does it rain in Egypt this bad? The last time I heard an Egyptian politician talk about the the Dam Ethiopia is building on the nile, he mentioned that it doesn't rain in Egypt; therefore, Ethiopia should stop the construction and just use it's abundant rain. Glad to hear that it rains. In otherwords, the dam won't be a big deal.


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